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100% made in the USA, Metolius Ultralight Master Cams are must-have for thin placements. Beth Rodden explains, “When the old Master Cams came out, they were some of the lightest on the market and now, the new Ultralight ones are the lightest ones on the market … which is amazing. I can’t stress enough how light these are; they’re so light and awesome.”

In 2016, Moja Gear took an in-depth look at both Metolius and Black Diamond Ultralight options, where we demonstrated that not only are Metolius Ultralights lighter on your wallet (roughly $60-$65 each instead of $90+), but they’re also lighter on your harness, too.

Four key features of Metolius Ultralight Master Cams

1. 20% weight savings over original Master Cams

“Metolius cams have always been lighter, but the new Ultralights are just a whole level beyond that,” explains Peter Croft.

2. Additional sizes: #7 and #8

Approximately the size of a Black Diamond #2 and #3 Camalot, Metolius’ Ultralight lineup offers these new hand-sized pieces.

3. Range Finder system helps ensure optimal placements

Metolius has continued to use their popular Range Finder system, a helpful guide for both new and experienced trad climbers alike. Put simply: if the green part of the lobes are touching the rock, you’re within range. If you find red resting on the rock, opt for a bigger size.

Metolius Range Finder Chart

4. New optimized teeth

Constructed with a new “shark fin” tooth pattern on each lobe, Ultralight Master Cams offer improved security and bite in soft rock.

Community feedback

5/5 Stars: The yellow master cam fits almost anywhere. It is a staple of my rack. The head is so narrow! So light too! —Cameron C. via Backcountry.com

5/5 Stars: I own blue through black so the review is based on those sizes. – they’re durable – lots of spring tension so they don’t walk – nice ergonomics – narrow head – Metolius will re-sling, inspect, and clean them for $3/cam (as of 2016). Don’t underestimate the value of this service. – affordable but still made in the USA! —brent_e via Moosejaw.com

4/5 Stars: It sure is nice having a rack full of Metolius Ultralight Master Cams packed away for long approaches. Not only do these beauties live up to their ultralight name, they’re also slimmer and more compact so I can pack a couple more beers for the descent. —Derek Newman via Backcountry.com

5/5 Stars: These are incredible. They’re lightweight and set in the rock well. For any placement that is smaller than a Camalot .5, I grab these. —Andrew M. via Backcountry.com

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This giveaway has ended! Check back for our next giveaway, running about once per month.

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