Underwear specifically designed for climbers? You heard right, gentlemen.

We’d like to welcome you and your lower parts to Oszko —sustainably made underwear crafted for adventure in the wild—now on KickstarterFocused on function rather than unneeded frills, these briefs are built to serve you at the crag, in the alpine, or wherever else you may embark.

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This climber-focused underwear hones in on the simple functionality and reliability that you want when you’re active in the outdoors, with the added bonus of being made with sustainable materials that are not only bluesign® approved, but also provide 200% faster drying time than cotton … meaning you can give these a quick wash in the river or sink and they’re clean, ready to wear again in no time.


A closer look at some of Oszko’s underwear features:

The addition of the S.Cafe® coffee particles on the surface of the yarn changes the normal shape of the filament and provides 200% faster drying time than cotton.

Recycled coffee grounds are used as raw material in yarn production to control and absorb odors. These trapped odors are released in the next wash cycle.

The fabric used is part of the bluesign® sustainable production system. The methods and materials used minimize impacts on people and the environment.

The 4-way stretch fabric used originally evolved from the polychloroprene family of rubbers. This recycled performance polyester increases comfort and allows for greater range of motion.

The fast drying technology is not a finish which washes off. It is part of the yarn and works forever.

The odor control and fast drying benefits of the textile technology allow it to be worn for multiple days without the need to be washed.

Oszko climbing underwear

Aside from Oszko’s 4-way stretch fabric design, quick-drying prowess, and ability to control the stinky odors that inevitably arise when you’re climbing, this underwear also features:

  • Minimal branding on the design
  • Easy fly access
  • An undercrotch panel to help stop bunching
  • High quality, durable elastic waistband
  • Light, breathable fabric
  • And strong, double-stitched lining

Discomfort is an affliction best kept to those who give no thought to their choice of underwear.


Support the Oszko Kickstarter Campaign

How much thought have you given to your adventure underwear?

Oszko believes some extra attention can go a long way. If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself, consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign, now live!

To learn more about Oszko, visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Congratulations to winners of the Oszko Giveaway: Kevin H., Justin B., and Alois Y.