What are Metolius Rock Rings?

Not a pull-up bar, not gymnastic rings, and not a hangboard either—the Metolius Rock Rings 3D are a versatile, convenient, and portable hybrid of all three: providing you with easily one of the best climbing-specific training devices available on the market.

The two separate rock units of this set each feature a large jug, an incut 4-finger edge, and 3 and 2-finger pockets, which give you the range of finger-training options desired from a hangboard … but with the additional benefit of flexible movement and rotation from a single suspension point.

Metolius Rock Rings Layout

These rings are CNC milled to provide perfect symmetry, and coated with a fine grain texture that delivers just enough friction for you to hang on. Unlike lesser quality holds that get greasy quickly, the Metolius Rock Rings keep their grip long after you’ve thrown your sweaty palms all over them.

Easy-to-move and quick to set up, Rock Rings can be mounted from any solid anchoring point; including a tree, pull-up bar, beam, etc.


Benefits of this training device

Maintaining climbing strength gets difficult—especially when you can’t get to a gym or you’re constantly on the road. And, as many of us have experienced, you can’t always nail a massive hangboard to your car or on the wall of the apartment you’re renting.

Luckily, the Metolius Rock Rings 3D serves as the ultimate portable training device that allows us climbing crazed folks to throw in a great workout in just about any setting.

And while portability and convenience are great—it’s the versatility that makes these bad boys special. The magic of these seemingly simple “rocks” lay in their ability to move separately and freely; a functionality that allows for a variety of training methods, rather than keeping you beholden to the limited options offered by a standard hangboard or pull-up bar.

Plus, because you can move independently on each ring, the lesser impact makes you better able to prevent the onslaught of dreaded hangboard injuries … ’cause nobody’s tryna pop a pulley—especially while training on artificial rock.

Give this 10-Minute Metolius Rock Rings 3D Workout a whirl:

Metolius rock rings workout plan


Final considerations

If you’re looking for a more advanced and technical hangboard, you might consider something like the Beastmaker or the Trango Rock Prodigy, instead—which provides a greater variety of holds for finger strength training. Otherwise, for multi-functional training use, the Metolius Rock Rings are easily the most convenient, highly versatile, and affordable options around.

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