You may already carry a flask in your quiver, but do you have the Hydro Flask? If not, we’re here to tell you what you’re missing and how you can get the magic (with a sweet deal, too). The BPA-free Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Flip Cap 18oz Water Bottle is a stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated bottle that features a large, wide-mouth opening. This liquid-holding vessel is not just a “water bottle” though … No, friends; it’s oh-so-much more than that.

Hydro Flask 18 Ounce Wide Mouth Flip

Double wall vacuum insulation?

It’s just not another product spec without any relevant meaning to your life. The double-wall vacuum insulated technology of the Bend, Oregon-based company, Hydro Flask, is the game-changer of a seemingly simple water bottle.

It keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours (just think: you can drink coffee for longer than a 30-minute window!), and keeps cold beverages cold for a whopping 24 (we know—you’re thinking about how nice a cold beer would be to have on a summit … ).

Don’t believe us? The claims are tested in this video by Backpacker Magazine:

Large (wide-mouth) opening?

No, we’re absolutely not trying to sell you on buying Coors Light … The Wide Mouth Flip Cap feature of this water bottle makes drinking any beverage (really guys, avoid the Coors Light) ultra enjoyable, and easy to refill. The lid’s flip-top has a rubber stopper to close the opening and keep spills from happening when it’s waiting for you in your pack. And, like the rest of Hydro Flask caps, this one’s BPA-free, too.

Recyclable, Stainless Steel, and BPA-Free?

Hydro Flask’s bottles are 100% recyclable, BPA-free, and bacteria/odor-resistant, so you can stay clear from any unnecessary gunk getting into your body. We probably don’t have to convince you as to why you would want to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals and plastics … And while we ourselves are definitely not doctors or scientists with any real beta on BPA, here’s the latest info from WebMD, in case you want to spiral down that tunnel.

Overview of features

Whether getting an alpine start or not, hot beverages in the a.m. are a must for most of us. But more often than not with most thermoses, the coffee or tea you poured at the start of the day ends up lukewarm and completely undrinkable by the time you open it back up.

Luckily for you and the rest of us, Hydro Flask has eliminated those undesirable moments from ruining your day again. Thanks to the double-wall insulation technology of their bottles, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: hot AND cold thirst-quenching satisfaction, no matter where you are.

We were once skeptical too about the benefits that Hydro Flask claimed. But let us paint you a picture that we’ve tried and experienced.

Consider this: you’re getting packed for an alpine endeavor or an early bouldering session, and the last thing you want to do the next morning is pull out a stove, boil water, and wait … you want some sleep after all. And so, with your handy-dandy Hydro Flask, you instead boil the water the night before—allowing you to wake up (slightly more rested) to a hot beverage of your choice.

On the flip side of that scenario, is, of course, its ridiculous ability to keep ice-cold beverages (i.e. lemonade, beer, or that great stuff called H20) icy for up to 24 effin’ hours. Talk about refreshment …

Hydro Flask Growler

One of our very favorites from the Hydro Flask series: The 64oz Growler.


Don’t settle for lukewarm coffee or warm beer ever again. Get yourself a Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Flip Cap Water Bottle and experience beverage success, each and every time.

Hydro Flask 18 Ounce Wide Mouth Flip

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