Believe it or not, not all towels are created equal. And for the sake of anyone lacking frequent access to laundry, hiking through the backcountry, or traveling on the road—there’s a towel that will probably change your life. We know what you’re thinking …

Are the weirdos at Moja Gear really trying to convince me that a “towel” is a piece of gear I gotta get?!”

The answer is a definitive yes. In fact, it almost feels wrong to define this bad boy as a regular, old “towel” when its oh-so-much more than that.


A small PackTowl Personal hanging in all its glory. Photo: PackTowl

We’d like you to meet PackTowl; an outrageously soft, anti-microbial (you don’t want dat stinky gunk), quick-drying, light, and versatile towel. (We would add more adjectives that explain its awesomeness, but we don’t want to overwhelm you just yet.)

These are truly state-of-the-art towels: made of a butter-soft Polyester/Nylon microfiber blend, the PackTowl Personal towels rapidly absorb water (4 times their own friggin’ weight!) and wring out perfectly dry. Yes—you can say goodbye to soggy, mildewy nastiness ruining your daily life.

Weighing less than 10 ounces in the XXL size and just 0.7 ounces for the small, the PackTowl Personal towels —available in a variety of fun colors— deliver you with thin, shockingly lightweight, and durable towels that easily pack down to the size of a PB&J sandwich … And who doesn’t love a good PB&J?

The superiority of the PackTowl to the average towel couldn’t be more obvious … but in case you need more convincing, we’ll lay it all out the PackTowl Personal’s game-changing qualities in plain and simple English:

Space-saving and splendidly lightweight

Average towels are probably one of the easier items to forget to pack, and we’d argue that its their big, heavy, inconvenient bulkiness that subconsciously tells your mind to leave them behind … and for good reason. On the other hand, when you bring along the PackTowl Personal, weight and space are a total non-issue. And, if you happen to be in search of an EVEN lighter option, take a peek at the PackTowl Ultralite towels.

PackTowl UltraLite

The PackTowl UltraLite towels. Somehow they get even lighter.

Crazy absorbent and quick-drying

In the sort of way those TV infomercials can blow your mind and leave you skeptical, the PackTowl towels truly perform some magical shit. They absorb 4 times their own weight in water, and wring out completely dry. You betcha, friend: that means you don’t have to haul around a heavy wet towel with you, just because you chose to take a dip into that alpine lake.

No stinky, microbial nastiness

Remember that wet-dog, mildewy scent that builds up when you’ve used a regular towel a few too many times or happened to leave it in that kind of disgusting corner of the room? Well, the PackTowl’s anti-microbial treatment rids itself of that wretched stench. And when you finally feel inclined to wash it, (which we can attest can be well over a couple many weeks) simply throw it in the washing machine, and hang it dry with its convenient snap loop or set it to tumble dry.

Soft as butter but wildy durable

You don’t need to settle for the mediocre comfort of a regular towel when you can treat yourself right in the indoors or outdoors with the PackTowl material blend, which truly feels as soft as butter on your skin. And don’t be fooled by its plus comfort: the PackTowl Personal can handle tough travels, adventures, and whatever other challenges you manage to test with your towel.

And don’t just take our word for it, here’s testimonial from a certified dirtbag PackTowl owner:

I’ve brought my PackTowl on nearly every adventure I’ve been on. It’s incredibly soft, super absorbent, and dries quickly. As a bonus it sheds sand and dirt so I don’t feel gross using it multiple times between washes on an extended trip. It’s so light and compact that I never hesitate to throw it into my pack. I love my PackTowl!

– Matt Richter

So now that you’re convinced, you’re probably wondering what sizes will suit you best. Here’s a guide that ought to help you out:

PackTowl sizes


Final considerations

Aside from totally revolutionizing the way you look at a towel, these innovative, quick-drying towels will save you from the dreaded annoyance of a smelly, scratchy, and heavy towel when you’re adventuring through the woods or just traveling. No—we’re not the towel Nazis, but we do favor obviously better gear options.

PackTowl Personal Towel