This week’s Friday Flick Pick takes us back to our “routes” of psych-pumping send videos. After 4 days and dozens of attempts, Giuliano Cameroni snags the First Ascent on Power of Now (8C/V15) in Magic Wood, Switzerland.

Giuliano describes why he named the route “Power of Now” in his Instagram post about the send.

The key was to focus on the moment. So many times on dynamic moves it’s easy to start thinking. When you are free of thoughts and fear of messing up, you just focus on the now, which is an extra element that helps your way up your climb. Being in the present moment is not only necessary in climbing but it helps life in general, it gives joy and takes away weird pressure from the egoistic mind.

If you like upside-down heel hooks and big moves then this is the boulder for you. With views piling up by the thousands each day, don’t miss out on this magic send.

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