JTree Skin Care Climbing Salve

Have painful hands effected your climbing?

We’ve all been there: that aggravatingly painful experience where your worn pads and fresh flappers completely restrict your ability to climb. Maybe it happens in the gym when your callouses aren’t up to par, or after a day of pulling on brutal Buttermilks’ granite … either way, the struggle is real.


An extreme case—hopefully your hands don’t look this gnar. JTree Climbing Salve is suitable for all degrees of hand irritation. Photo: Kevin Boyko

Climbing definitely gives your skin and body a beating, but by taking proper steps to promote the recovery of your skin and muscles, you’ll be able to last longer on the rock, climb extra consecutive days, and enjoy an overall more rewarding climbing experience.

Joshua Tree Skin CareA key strategy to support a faster recovery is by using climbing salve. And while we’ve tried many types, we’ve been most satisfied with the results of JTree Climbing Salve.

Specifically crafted for flappers, gobis, and blown tips, Joshua Tree Skin Care’s Climbing Salve serves you best on rest days to condition your calloused skin. Made of all-natural, organic ingredients (see below), you can rest assured that you’re not putting harmful chemicals onto your wounds. Our crew at Moja Gear often lathers it on shortly after climbing to support quick healing and the longevity of our skin.


Ingredients your skin will love

Joshua Tree Skin Care’s Climbing Salve has a wealth of nourishing, organic ingredients. Here’s what your hands can look forward to:

– Beeswax: used for a desirable consistency and to seal moisture to your skin

– Calendula: wound-healing herb to reduce inflammation

– Comfrey: herb that promotes healing by providing protective surface over the wound

– Echinacea: herb that contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

– Wildcrafted Chaparral: an herbal antibiotic to decrease inflammation and ward off infection

– Myrrh Gum: resin extracted from tree sap with strong disinfectant properties

– Benzoin Gum: resin extracted from tree bark to heal wounds and fight infection

– Tree Oil: fights infections, acne, and insect bites

– Lavender Oil: heals wounds, burns, and prevents scarring

– Jojoba Oil: liquid wax from jojoba trees that provides lasting moisture for skin

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

Photo: Jack Strutz


Need more convincing?

Here’s what climbers in Joshua Tree’s infamous Hidden Valley campground have to say:

Joshua Tree Skin Care Testimonial

“I’ve been using the Salve for about 2 years and I typically put it on after hard days of climbing … It feels moisturizing and soothing to put on and after a few hours my hands start healing. The fresh skin comes back … Without the salve I might not be climbing the next day because my skin won’t be ready.”

Joshua Tree Skin Care Testimonial

“It feels very good; my hands are dry and it helps them out. It smells nice, very natural.”

Joshua Tree Skin Care Testimonial

“I can feel it working right away; it feels great. It has a nice, natural scent—maybe some lemon? It’s good for the rocks here where they grind up your hands.”

Joshua Tree

Photo: Matt Richter


Want your own JTree Climbing Salve?

For the sake of keeping your tips a bit less shredded this season, give the most climber-trusted salve on the market: Joshua Tree Skin Care Climbing Salve a try.