Seeking the right outdoorsy gift to please the nature-loving people in your life? We promise—at least one of these 28 gear and apparel gift ideas will surely hit the mark:

Gifts for everyone

MSR Folding Spork

MSR SporkAfter a big active day in the outdoors, nothing satisfies an adventurous appetite like a hefty meal. And what better way to not look like a ravenous caveman than to actually use utensils? The MSR Folding Spork—combining the benefits of a spoon and a fork—provides a BPA-free, lightweight, collapsible spork that fits and packs away easily, making it ideal for short to long term adventures in the outdoors.

Why they’ll love it:

Your backpacking buddy will revel in the idea of saving a little extra weight and space in this vital piece of gear. It might seem too simple, but trust us—this cheap and small gift will get used more than you know.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Sack

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Sack

Well-packed gear makes hikes and approaches a far more enjoyable experience, and compression sacks—which enable you to bring along all of the things you need in a space and weight-efficient manner—are integral to any great pack setup. Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil Compression Sacks just happens to be the ideal vessels for the job.

With four extra-long straps to ensure symmetrical compression and a slick finish on the fabric, this stuff sack will let you slide your gear into even the smallest nooks and crannies of a pack. These sacks feature waterproof seams that are double stitched and fully tape-sealed; allowing you to compress gear while adding minimal weight and staying dry. They also boast reinforced stitching on all stress points and an air-permeable eVent® to keep belongings from retaining odors.

Why they’ll love it:

The Ultra-Sil Compression Sacks from Sea-to-Summit are ideal for any adventurer who wants to maximize the space available in his or her pack. If you have someone on your list who regularly engages in backpacking outings, they’ll appreciate the added efficiency and comfort with which they can go out and explore.


The PackTowl Personal Towel

PackTowl Personal

Not all towels are created equal and the PackTowl Personal Towels are on another level. These towels are outrageously soft, anti-microbial, quick-drying, light, and versatile. Made of a butter-soft Polyester/Nylon microfiber blend, the PackTowl Personal towels rapidly absorb water (4 times their own weight!) and wring out perfectly dry.

Weighing less than 10 ounces in the XXL size and just 0.7 ounces for the small, the PackTowl Personal towels —available in a variety of fun colors— provide a thin, shockingly lightweight, and durable towels that easily pack down to the size of a PB&J sandwich … And who doesn’t love a good PB&J?

Why they’ll love it:

The PackTowl Personal Towels make staying clean and dry easily when you’re in desperate need of a wash. And whether you’re gifting a backcountry romper or dirtbag traveler on your list—these innovative, quick-drying towels will save them from the dreaded annoyance of a smelly, scratchy, and heavy towel while adventuring across the mountains or traveling the globe.

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MPOWERD Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern


Probably one of the coolest and convenient accessories to own, the Luci Outdoor is an inflatable solar-powered lamp. Perfect for all outdoor escapades, the Luci ends the annoyance of bringing lanterns or jerry-rigging headlamp to trees in order to illuminate your surroundings. It’s waterproof to 1 meter, so you can even use it for late-night dips in the river. Compressible and only 4oz, the Luci is a must-have adventure companion.

Why they’ll love it:

The Luci Outdoor might look simple, but its solar and inflatable technology makes it an exceptionally versatile (and entertaining) light that can travel anywhere—from the backyard to the hard-to-reach alpine. This gift’s ingenuity and functionality will wow any outdoor enthusiast who is lucky enough to find it in their stocking.

Soto Pocket Torch

The Soto Pocket Torch transforms the crappy 50-cent rectangular lighter you bought at the gas station into a wind-resistant torch that can reach temperatures of approximately 2,300°F. Using an electron ignition technology, the Soto Pocket Torch works with disposable lighters to provide a burner that extends the life of a regular lighter by a whopping 60%. Weighing less than 2 ounces, this torch is perfect for getting the campfire started, lighting a stove for backcountry meals, cutting rope, and other everyday, around-the-house use.

Soto Pocket Torch

Why they’ll love it:

The Pocket Torch by Soto is a piece of gear that elevates a regular outdoor quiver. The adventurer you gift this to will love the newfound efficiency in camping and everyday tasks that this bad boy provides.

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro-flask-water-bottle-stainless-steel-vacuum-wide-mouthThanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation technology in these stainless steel bottles, the Hydro Flask can keep your hot drinks hot for an incredible 6 hours, as well as keep your cold drinks cold for a whopping 24. These bottles are 100% recyclable, BPA-free, bacteria/odor-resistant, and look awesome too. Standard sizes are great for everyday functionality, but the Moja favorite is the 64oz Hydro Flask Growler, which is perfect for carrying loads of coffee and, of course, beer.

Why they’ll love it:

Everyone needs a go-to water bottle, and for anyone who enjoys hot beverages too, the Hydro Flask serves as the ultimate water bottle/thermos vessel. Got a coffee drinking camper on your list? Then this gift certainly won’t disappoint.

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Portable Power Bank

Running out of power sucks—especially when you’re out in the middle of the wilderness, stuck with a dead phone, with views too good to not be capturing. Thankfully though, even when you’re far from anything resembling a power outlet, Outdoor Tech’s Kodiak Ultra 7800 USB Power Bank can bring life back to the all-important devices in your life.

This portable universal power bank—boasting a 7800 milliamp battery—will not only charge small devices, like a phone, camera, and GPS, but even more energy-intensive items, like e-readers and tablets. The answer to your question is yes: the Kodiak is truly as rugged as it sounds. Both waterproof and shock-resistant, and coated in an impact silicone for protection, this beast of a device can handle hanging out with even the most hardcore mountain rompers around.

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Portable Power Bank

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Portable Power Bank

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Portable Power Bank

Why they’ll love it:

We’ve all experienced the peril that is a dead phone. Your outdoor exploring friend will love you for mitigating the risk of getting lost in the woods without an exit strategy or even worse … missing out on taking that epic Instagram-worthy shot.

Patagonia Denim Jeans

We’ve already talked our heads off about why we’re incredibly stoked about these jeans. Find the details in our feature, Cleaner, Safer, and Fair Trade, Too: Patagonia Denim Redefines the Blue Jean.

Patagonia Denim

Men's Patagonia Jeans
Patagonia Women's Fit Jeans

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking SystemThe Jetboil Flash lives up to its name and boils 2 cups of water in only about two minutes—making it a great stove, ideal for serving one or two hungry people in the backcountry, quickly and easily. The Flash ignites with the push of a button and includes a unique baffling system on the top of the burner to increase surface area and decrease heat loss.

The system includes a drink-through lid with a pour spout and strainer, while the bottom cover serves as both a measuring cup and a bowl to keep all cooking processes super simple. At only the size of a Nalgene (with the pot!), the Flash is an incredibly portable and simple solution for getting backcountry cooking done in a flash.

Why they’ll love it:

Anyone who overnights under the stars needs a reliable cooking stove, and if you’ve got an adventurer on your list without one or in desperate need of an update, they’ll be jumping up and down at the idea of being able to make outdoor meals … you guessed it … in a flash.


Petzl Tactikka Core HeadlampPetzl Tactikka 350 lumen Headlamp

The Petzl Tactikka Headlamp might just be the smartest headlamp in the world. This 350-lumen powerhouse weighs only 82 grams and features state-of-the-art reactive lighting. In “autonomous” mode the headlamp can stay on for over 160 hours! The Tactikka includes a rechargeable battery but it can also accept 3 AAA batteries as a backup. The adjustable brightness is great for covering a rock wall or camping area with bright light and for a dim light for preparing to sleep. If you are ready for a futuristic headlamp that adjusts to your needs seamlessly, the Tikka will blow your mind.

Why they’ll love it:

Almost every outdoor lover has been let down by a cheap headlamp at one point.  The Petzl Tactikka Core Headlamp will give your enthusiast the peace of mind they need when enjoying life in the wild. This bad boy’s powerful and sensitive reactive lighting capabilities make it a must-have gadget for any outdoor adventurer who wants to use the hottest technology around.


ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

The Lynx tent by ALPS Mountaineering stands as a fortress of quality and innovation in the tent world. This intuitively designed tent not only offers a spacious home for two with independent vestibules, but it also provides one of the easiest and quick tent setups imaginable. The Lynx can withstand intense rain thanks to its completely waterproof tub floor, which ensures you’ll stay dry when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Uniquely, this tent also features magnetic ties on the doorways to make getting in and out quick and simple. It also comes with a drawstring stuff sack, footprint, guy-out cord, and repair kit should any unexpected obstacles come your way.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent
Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent Body

Why they’ll love it:

Everyone needs a reliable tent—and when they’re not only easy to set up, but spacious, too, you’ve basically hit the camping jackpot. Whether a total newbie or a veteran of the outdoors, the overnight adventurer on your list will love sleeping under the stars in this state-of-the-art tent.


Sierra Designs Cloud 800 DriDown 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Truly bringing a bed to the outdoors, the Backcountry Bed Sleeping Bags by Sierra Designs deliver an innovative sleeping solution focused on supreme comfort and convenience for nights under the stars. Constructed with a no-zip construction, the Backcountry Bed features a wide opening to crawl into, an integrated comforter with hand pockets, and a padded sleeve you can slip your existing sleeping pad into—which ensures you won’t ever roll off throughout the night.

This 20° bag, weighing just an ounce over 3 pounds, also features a self-sealing foot vent that lets you air out your feet, or keep them covered from drafty conditions without zippers or other extra hassles. And to ensure you stay dry no matter what happens outside or to your tent, the DriDown technology of the down keeps you dry and warm.

Sierra Design Backcountry Bed

Why they’ll love it:

Have someone on your list who lives for a luxurious night of sleep? Then gift them the gold standard sleeping bag that will far exceed the comfort level they could ever expect to experience when in the outdoors. As a 2014 Editor’s Choice for both Climbing Magazine AND Backpacker—this sleeping bag has been vetted as a favorite for good reason.


Gifts for himDarn Tough Merino Wool 1/4 Cushion Hiking Sock

Darn Tough Merino Wool 1/4 Cushion Hiking Sock

The Merino Wool 1/4 Cushion Hiking Sock by Darn Tough offers a low cut fit and comfort ribbing for those sporting ankle-hugging boots or for trail runners cruising through the woods. And with high density cushioning on the foot bottom and an undetectable seam that avoids bunching or blisters, your feet will be as happy at mile 20 as they were at mile one. Designed with fine-gauge Merino Wool for quick-drying and breathability, these socks will suit you on warm or hot days. And, the Darn Tough unconditional lifetime guarantee ensures that these socks will last.

Why he will love it:

High-quality socks are one of those items that everyone wants, but won’t buy for themselves. So give the men in your life a gift they’re guaranteed to use and appreciate: exceptionally high-quality socks, designed and made by cold-weather loving craftsmen in Vermont.


Patagonia Essential Boxers

Ultra stretchy and ideal for everyday wear, Patagonia’s Essential Boxers for men serve as a baselayer must-have. Breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant, too, these boxers make for the perfect choice on both rest and high activity days. A soft elastic waistband rests on the waist and the trim fit ensures ultimate freedom and comfort. These boxers are also Fair Trade Certified in their sewing and feature 50-UPD sun protection.

Patagonia Essential Boxer Blue
Patagonia Essential Boxer Gray
Patagonia Essential Boxer designs

Why he will love it:

You can’t really go wrong with the gift of underwear—and these incredibly stretchy, soft, and Fair Trade Certified boxers from Patagonia are a pair the guy on your list will want to throw on day after day.


Patagonia Insulated Tin Shed Cap

It’s a classic ball cap… with an extra warm secret! Between the Thermogreen insulation, soft lining, and convertible ear flaps, this hat has everything to keep its wearer warm and cozy. Best of all, the ear flap tucks right up so it can transform into a normal baseball cap just like that.

Patagonia Insulated Tin Shed Cap
Patagonia Insulated Tin Shed Cap ear flaps

Why he will love it:

Hats are functional and sure-fire wins within the gift-giving realm. And when it’s one that looks as sweet as this one from Patagonia AND will keep any guy warm, you’re guaranteed to please.

Patagonia Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel Shirt

In a sea of designer “flannels” that fall apart in the real world, the Fjord stands strong as a durable, sturdy, heavyweight flannel that will last a lifetime. Patagonia’s Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel Shirt features two oversized chest pockets, adjustable cuffs, and a straight hem. It comes in classic, eternally-excellent plaid designs and colors that make the Fjord a shirt that can join on any occasion and long into the future. Sourced and crafted from 100% organically grown cotton, this flannel keeps sustainability for the environment in mind, too. We’d call it a win.

Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt

Why he will love it:

Any outdoor enthusiast needs a go-to flannel, and what better choice than this classic layer from Patagonia. Whoever is lucky enough to open up the gift of the Fjord will love that they can wear it out around town, deep in the woods, or while tucked cozily into their sleeping bag.


Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover

Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Fleece PulloverThe Synchilla Snap-T from Patagonia is the pullover that made fleece famous. This everyday essential layer delivers a relaxed, warm, super soft, and classic look—making it the clutch go-to layer for both the adventurous or ultra laid back occasions in life. Trapping body heat and rejecting light winds—while also featuring badass and funky designs—this is a layer guaranteed to deliver coziness and comfort for years to come.

Why he will love it:

Got a dude in touch with style and comfort? Then gift him the warm, funky comforts of this classic and iconic Patagonia piece.


La Sportiva Spire GTX Hiking Shoe

You don’t stop when the trail ends, and neither does the La Sportiva’s Spire GTX Hiking Shoes. These low-cut hiking shoes feature a soft AirMesh, Nano-Cell™, PU toe cap and heel counter, and Ortholite insole to cushion the all-day impact. Don’t mistake the breathable mesh outer for low durability; the abrasion-resistant mesh can handle all sorts of terrible trail conditions.
To add more ventilation within the shoes themselves, La Sportiva crafted the Primer Low GTX hiking shoes with a Gore-Tex® Surround™ lining between the spaces of the feet where heat is often trapped; allowing air to release upon every step.

Why he will love it:

Whether he hikes, climbs, runs, or cruises around town, these innovative and breathable all-terrain shoes will go wherever the outdoorsmen on your list has a hankering to explore.

La Sportiva Primer Low GTX Hiking Boot


Patagonia Bivy Down Vest

Patagonia Bivy Down Reversible Vest Men'sThis robust, quilted nylon canvas vest from Patagonia is up for any challenge. With warm 600-fill power traceable duck down, the wearer of this vest is guaranteed to stay warm on the outside and content on the inside knowing that no ducks were harmed in delivering this precious vest. With a stand-up collar and a drop tail hem, no matter how hard the wind is blowing it won’t make it into this vest. Whether getting the stove started on a misty morning or heading out to snow-covered boulder fields, the cozy brushed polyester pockets are sure to keep fingers warm and nimble.

Why he will love it:

A great performing vest with a classic look, Patagonia’s Bivy Down Vest is a perfect gift for any vest-loving outdoorsman.


Gifts for her

SmartWool PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks Women’s

SmartWool PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks Women's

Socks so awesome they boast a professional degree, SmartWool’s PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks for women deliver a smart design that take comfort, warmth, and durability into account. These low profile, “mini” length socks deliver the comfortable stretch of the 4 Degree™ Elite fit system and the added padding of protection over high impact areas on your feet, thanks to SmartWool’s ReliaWool™ technology. Crafted with a Merino Wool, Nylon, and Elastane blend, your feet bask in the breathability and strength you need to keep you dry and comfy wherever you may venture.

Why she will love it:

Any active woman knows the value in great socks. And if you’ve got a girl on your list who wanders in the woods on a regular basis, she (and her feet) will be thanking you endlessly for gifting her socks that provide exceptional performance and comfort.




Patagonia Pom Beanie Women’s

Patagonia Pom Beanie Womens

Any winter-venturing lady knows that the key to staying warm in the cold is a covered head. But finding a hat that’s both warm and cute can be hard. But with Patagonia’s Pom Beanie for women, you get style, comfort, and functionality. This cap of utter coziness is made under fair labor practices with 80% chlorine-free merino wool and 20% nylon, so that your head feels snug and warm, even when wet. Its fleece lining wicks away moisture, so you can feel great no matter the elements.

Why she will love it:

The lady in your life that you pick the Pom Beanie out for will appreciate that you thought about quality, warmth, and of course, style. Cute and cozy are a sure-fire combo that’ll guarantee a great gift for the holiday season.

Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover Women’s

Patagonia Re-Tool Pullover Snap-TWe should warn you: any comfort-loving lady might melt from sheer happiness after throwing on Patagonia’s Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover. Perfect for cool morning walks or as that go-to layer that keeps you cozy when the sun goes down, the Re-Tool Snap-T serves as a lightweight, hip-length pullover that brings together comfort, warmth, style, and functionality. It boasts the quality of Polartec® Thermal Pro® polyester (51% recycled) fleece, and its four-snap closure to keep your neck cozy. It also features the classic Kangaroo pouch-style handwarmer and Snap-T chest pockets that make it a staple item for outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers alike.

Why she will love it:

If the woman on your list loves comfort, then she’ll be basking you with love after you gift her the comfort overload that is Patagonia’s Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover. This fleece is so unbelievably soft, it might just replace her wardrobe entirely.


Eddie Bauer Women’s CirrusLite 2.0 Down Parka

Eddie Bauer Women's CirrusLite 2.0 Down Parka

A down hooded jacket should be a staple for anyone who regularly romps in the outdoors, and the Eddie Bauer Cirrus Lite 2.0 for women has become a favorite for its great balance between affordability, flattering fit, and functionality.

With 650 fill Responsible Down Standard-certified down filling and StormRepel DWR finish, it’s designed to protect the wearer both the cold and light snow or precipitation. And of course, Eddie Bauer’s famous lifetime warrantee protects it from any functional defects.

It’s the extra-long design and double-zipper function that will help keep the booty warm, even on long, cold belays.

Why She’ll Love It

Everyone appreciates down – and the faltering fit of this incredibly warm and functional hooded jacket will keep the female on your list cozy, comfortable, and looking great.


Osprey Sirrus 36 Backpacking/Day Pack Women’s

On single day adventures outside, we rarely need to pack our entire closet. But, chances are there are few key items of gear that we can’t leave home without. So for times when you need a simple, reliable, and comfortable way to carry your belongings into the outdoors, Osprey’s Sirrus 36 serves as the perfect companion.

This day pack, specifically designed for women, provides all-day comfort for single-day outings. Featuring AirSpeed suspension, the pack feels light and breathable, while its tapered shoulder harness and narrow waist belt allow for optimized fitting and adjustment. The Sirrus 36 provides easy access to the front panel, while the top lid adds an additional spot for storage. And when weather conditions turn wet, the Sirrus 36 includes a built-in rain cover to keep it dry.

Osprey Sirrus Backpacking Pack

Why she will love it:

Having a functional, convenient, and comfortable day pack is a must for anyone who engages in single day outings—and having one that specifically caters to the female fit can make the difference between a pleasant adventure and a painful haul. By gifting the Osprey Sirrus 36, you’ll make the adventuring lady in your life exude nothing but smiles on her many days of exploring in the outdoors ahead.

La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX Hiking ShoeLa Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX Hiking Boots for Women

There are shoes, there are hiking shoes and then there are La Sportiva’s Synthesis GTX Hiking shoes for women. These highly innovative all-terrain ready shoes rid the woes of sweaty feet while on the trail, allowing the wearer to take their outdoor exploration game to the next level.
They feature a soft AirMesh, Nano-Cell™, and PU Leather upper that provide a comfortable waterproof GoreTex membrane.
The midsole wraps around the lower part of upper of the shoe to comfortably position and stabilize feet within the boot—making walking over uneven surfaces a worry-free experience. This balances nicely with the mid-ankle rise that won’t overly restrict motion and agility.
And of course, it wouldn’t be La Sportiva without a trip quality Vibram® Nano outsole with an Impact Brake System™ on the soles to provide unprecedented stability and friction while on the move.

Why she will love it:

Durable and ultra-breathable, these hiking shoes from La Sportiva will prepare the female adventurer on your list for any and all terrain. She’ll be stoked to know there’s no place she can’t explore with these on her feet.

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