Kit Wilson started rock climbing a year ago, and has jumped into trad climbing headfirst by taking on Impulse, a grade 24 (5.11d) trad route at Frog Buttress (Mount French) in Queensland, Australia. This is an area that Kit Wilson reported as having an “old school ethic.”

Nervous breathing, shaking arms, and unsteady foot placements–finally a video of someone that climbs like me.

Filmmaker Em Murray captured Kit’s journey learning the moves of Impulse and dialing in the moves.

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Interesting facts:

  • Kit’s dad, seen belaying at various points in the film, is currently in Antarctica as he attempts to break the record for the ‘longest solo unsupported polar journey’ in human history. You can follow his adventure at
  • Kit has just started documenting his journey to becoming an “all-around 5.12 climber” on his new YouTube channel. The first episode just aired with benchmarking his current abilities.

Check out Kit Wilson’s first episode here: