The desert is an incredible place. Every time I go climbing there is a gift.

This year Akio Joy and I escaped the cold Montana fall and met our friend Fritz Carpenter down there for a climbing trip. We ticked off climbs at crags, as well as an unforgettable ascent of Vision Quest — a route in the Bridger Jacks. I think what brings everyone back to the Desert is nearly impossible to describe until you’ve been there. I’m already looking forward to the next trip.

I’ve come to learn, and attempt to embrace, my life is always about movement. Hopefully I capture some of it during the process. All I want to do is get out into the mountains. Push my boundaries. Documenting this feeling is my true passion. Although, I see myself as a mountain athlete ultra runner, ice climber, and rock climber, I’ve learned that’s what I do, not my end goal. My goal is to document others pushing themselves in the mountains, and in life.

-Seth Langbauer


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