Warming up for climbing is important, but knowing the proper way to do so is, too!

According to the latest in training research, a dynamic warm-up —rather than static or ballistic stretching —serves as the best method of increasing blood flow to the muscles and tendons throughout your body. This form of stretching prepares your body for a specific activity (in your case, climbing), as well as reduces the chance of injury.

This dynamic climbing warm-up involves four steps:

Step 1: On the wall

Using your whole body to generate warmth, this activity mirrors climbing-specific body positions.

Step 2: Rotation

Using rotational movements to create warmth in the joints, this stage is vital in climbing due to the sport’s rotational nature.

Step 3: Arms

Using dynamic stretches to warm-up both a primary muscle and its opposing muscle in just one movement.

Step 4: Wrist & Fingers

This stage focuses on the smallest muscle areas through tendon glides.

In the video below, professional climber, Jonathan Siegrist, demonstrates a new researched-backed climbing specific warm-up that can be performed in under 10 minutes:


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