Introducing Moja Beer …

Moja Bear

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been thinking¬†long and we’ve been thinking hard about how we can¬†best satisfy the needs of climbers.

We took a good and serious look at¬†ourselves in the mirror. We saw¬†that, sure …¬†we¬†offer bomber climbing gear and enough content to satisfy your climbing-obsessed selves¬†for years¬†on end.¬†But our team here at Moja felt that something … something paramount¬†was missing.

And¬†so whilst¬†sitting in the dirt after a long day of climbing in the desert, the answer came to us‚ÄĒrather fluidly, actually. It traveled to our minds¬†via a¬†liquid libation, so dearly delicious, that it hopped straight from the bottle into the core of our mission to¬†serve the climbing community. Aside from stimulating your stoke, we now strive¬†to keep your thirst quenched, too.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Moja Beer by Moja Gear.

Moja Beer

We favor IPAs at Moja, so our first release matches that of our tastebuds. To get a dose of this limited run goodness, we’re offering an exclusive¬†Moja Beer Kit.¬†Included you will find a Moja Logo Shirt, a Sticker Pack, and one of your very own Moja Beers to enjoy …

Cheers with Moja Beers!

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