This is not your usual “climbing” film; in fact, it’s hardly about climbing at all … at least in our everyday understanding of the term.

This week’s Friday Flick Pick follows Renan Ozturk and Mark Synnott deep into the Nepalese jungle, where they document a lesser known culture, whose way of life is under a grave risk of disappearing. In this behind-the-scenes look at their expedition, we learn about this community’s vanishing tradition of harvesting a rare hallucinogenic honey from the cliff faces that surround them.

Among these people remains only one surviving Honey Hunter, Mauli, who bears an unfathomably challenging and risky duty of taking on the bees and their hives from heights and exposure that even some of the most experienced climbers feel uneasy about. This film captures the story of this unsung hero.

We call ourselves professional climbers, but we couldn’t even follow them up the steep jungle cliffs; so they put our ropes up for us.

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