Louis Parkinson (@captaincutloose) shows us his favorite dynamic climbing exercise, which will get you bounding up the wall at speeds never before possible.

When warming up, try climbing a route by leaving out one limb each time you climb. This forces you to make dynamic moves as you climb. Like other training skills, it is best to do this as you are warming up. During the warm-up, both your body and mind are ready for learning and building new habits.

There is a lot of precision with this exercise.

Paraclimbers like Matthew Phillips (@matthew_paraclimbing) are masters of this style of dynamic climbing.

Building precision and dynamic movements into your climbing can save you a dramatic amount of energy.  If you like this training drill then you should definitely check out the books Self-Coached Climber, Rock Climbing Technique by John Kettle, and Moja Gear’s very own Rock Climbing Essentials.


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