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My name’s Marty and I used to be a cubicle sloth. A climber, too, but only on the nights and weekends. Most days I sat at my desk looking at my soft office hands wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

About 9 months ago, I quit the slothdom and started a climbing-lifestyle apparel company, Kingflyer Collective. Sometimes at the old office, I’d put on a shirt with that lingering smell of campfire smoke beneath my button-down. It made me think of being out there.

Kingflyer Collective

Kingflyer Collective

Because I’ve always thought clothes can connect you to those different parts of life. Like that hat you wear on every pitch, the tank you always do yoga in, and the sweater you put on at every campfire. They take on this meaning that’s deeper than a piece of apparel.

That’s why I started an apparel company. Because it can keep the stoke high, even in the depths of the daily grind. And it seemed like the best way to spend more time with good people. Nights and weekends just weren’t enough.

Kingflyer Collective Kingflyer Collective
Wall Street, Potash Road

Wall Street, Potash Road. Photo: Kingflyer Ambassador, Ethan Gillett

See, we, climbers, are rebels in a world that wants to cut off our hair and sell us a suit. We turn our back on the idea that $$$ is more than a means to an end. Because we know that it’s not about the material things we have, but what we do with those things that matters.

We buy gear so we can be in places where most people we pass on the street would never go. Cliff faces, boulder fields, beneath the wide-open night sky with the stars and the Milky Way shining.

We are artists and these places are our canvas. We paint with our simple interactions in the wilderness: choosing lines from a palate of stone, visualizing the sequence, chalking up, sending.

Saturday Rocks Approach, Vedauwoo.

Saturday Rocks Approach, Vedauwoo.

It’s the lifestyle that brings our community together, and I started making Kingflyer apparel to embody it. Our goods are meant to get chalk and sweat and campfire smoke deep into their fiber.

If you dig that, I’ll see you out there.


Founder, Kingflyer Collective

Climb hat Tank top Trucker Hat Mountain Tee


Kingflyer Collective

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