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Keah and Kevin here, founders of FrictionLabs. We got to know the folks at Moja Gear a couple months ago. We really dig what they’re doing building a high quality content hub and retail experience for climbers – the climbing world definitely needs it! We were psyched to build a partnership, so we started off by including a free sample of our chalk in all their shipments for the month of May. The feedback was so positive that we decided to follow it up with a special offer to the Moja Gear family. You’ll find that offer at the end of this email.

First though, since many of you might not know us, here’s our story:


“After first use of FrictionLabs chalk, we found ourselves needing to re-chalk far less than usual—and instead of encountering the eventual greasiness regular chalk tends to produce, our hands actually felt slightly sticky with just a thin coating of FrictionLabs chalk. In fact, on a rather humid day in the Buttermilks, our very own Georgie Abel sent one of her longtime projects, Seven Spanish Angels, after chalking up with FrictionLabs for the first time. Coincidence? We think not …”

 – Moja Gear Special Feature:
FrictionLabs Chalk: Delivering Friction Straight to Your Hands


We started FrictionLabs to make a better chalk. We were frustrated with the quality of other options and felt like we were cheating ourselves using chalk that didn’t hold up. So we turned to science to engineer the best chalk for rock climbing success. Our goal is to make sure climbers have every bit of friction they need to conquer their climbing challenges.

Until recently, climbers didn’t have a choice. Unfortunately, almost all chalk came from the same factory in Asia. Most brands just put that same chalk in new packaging, gave it a name, and sold it. But with so many climbing companies dedicated to making the best gear – shoes, chalk bags, harnesses, ropes, pads, etc. – how had there never been a company dedicated to making the best chalk?

Today, our high performance chalk is the choice of the most successful climbers all over the world who use it because they understand:

Chalk Matters

The results:

“Chalk C, FrictionLabs, yields the highest Magnesium detection. Chalk C, FrictionLabs, also yields much lower counts for the other elements, hence is the most chemically pure.”
– Dr. Wesley Ingram Ph. D. Geology and Geochemistry Consultant

 All climbing chalks say they are Magnesium Carbonate because it is best for absorbing moisture and keeping hands dry. However, we had an independent lab perform a blind test of our chalk, as well as other chalks, to see what they are made of.

You put a lot of yourself into climbing. And you get the best results when you and your gear both perform as well as they can – not only to keep you safe, but also to get you to the top. As climbers ourselves, that other stuff just wasn’t what we wanted between us and the hold.

We were shocked at how overlooked chalk was. And we loved that, unlike many other climbing improvements that need a lot of money, time, or both, we could make the best chalk on the planet for only a few dollars more and instantly improve friction for every climber.

Not only is the quality of chalk incredibly important, but we also know that climbers have different preferences for the texture of their chalk. Some like it with more chunks, others prefer more powder. Because of this, we make our chalk in 3 different blends:

frictionlabs chalk

So that’s our story. We hope we’ve at least gotten you curious to find out how better chalk could benefit your training and climbing. Many thanks again to Moja Gear and all of you. We look forward to getting our chalk on your hands soon.


Keep crushing,

Keah and Kevin
FrictionLabs founders


P.S. Check out what some of the most well known climbers have said about us:

climber feedback

Disclaimer: This is sponsored content. But at Moja, we only work with brands and products that we personally endorse—companies that we think are rad.