Miriam is made up of 40% chalk-residue, 26% pencil-lead, and 34% avocado-remnants.

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Comp climber Miriam Borgstrom at Asana Competition

Miriam Borgstrom at the Asana climbing competition finals. Photo by Emalee Marie.

Peak Points

  • Age: 16
  • Years climbing: 7
  • Hardest climbing grade: V10
  • Athlete stats:  Since 2016, I’ve competed in local and USAC comps in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, and Oregon with a total of 36 podiums. In the 8th month of 2018, I sent a v8 in all 8 Utah gyms. In 2020, I set a goal to send 10 v10s outdoors before the year was out. I hit my goal on August 28, 2020.
  • Sponsors: ambassador of three years with Butora and one year with 8BPlus
  • Job/Education: unemployed & unschooled
Miriam Borgstrom climbing Monkey Trench v10

Miriam Borgstrom climbing Monkey Trench (V10) in Red Rocks, Nevada. Photo by Andrew Borgstrom.

Miriam Borgstrom’s Rock Climbing Gear Recommendations

Tension Climbing Flash Board

Phone, wallet, keys…Flash Board. Whenever I head outdoors, I come armed with a Flash Board. I’ve found this to be an essential tool for readying my fingers for rock grappling. This cylindrical hangboard slides nicely into a crash pad and includes an attached-rope, which I usually stand on to warm up my fingers sans bodyweight.


Tension Flash Board


Butora Acro Climbing shoes

Someone must have snuck into my house one night, taken a mold of my foot, and sent it to Butora Laboratories—the Acro is my foot’s doppelganger. The Acros come in wide, narrow, and comp to fit the mood your feet are in.

Buy Now from Back Country


Butora Acro Climbing Shoe - Tight Fit

Miriam Borgstrom Butora Acros


MUSH Overnight Oats

MUSH Overnight Oats are my go-to send-fuel. They explode with flavor, and I can’t fathom what makes them taste like ice-cream with their minimal, natural ingredients. These mouth-paradises come in durable containers with adorable spoons—the ideal sustenance for play-dates with nature.


Mush Oatmeal

Miriam Borgstrom Mush Oatmeal

8BPLUS Chalk

8BPLUS makes products with funky attitudes and lots of fur. I’ve used the 8BPLUS crushed chalk, liquid chalk, chalk bags, and brushes—every product has been high quality and fills the crag with contagious Cheshire grins.

Buy Now from REI

chalk bag gift from 8BPlus

Miriam Borgstrom 8BPlus

Asana Pro Spotter Pad

Here lies the transformer of crash pads. While the Pro Spotter Pad is ideal for sit starts and includes handles to guide flailing climbers to their feet (as evidenced in the staged photo, featuring iconic dirtbag yardsale), it also unzips and unfolds to four times its size to cover those dreaded ankle-rolling crash pad seams.


Asana pro spotter crash pad

Miriam Borgstrom with Asana Pro Spotter Pad

Hold Emporium MagPinch

I haven’t climbed in a gym since March, and while I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by boulder-fields-a-plenty, the holds I miss most from indoor climbing are the pinches. Enter the Hold Emporium MagPinch—two wooden blocks with a magnet-system to attach and detach the blocks, creating pinches ranging from one to five inches. The paracord easily attaches to your preferred weight-of-choice (I have it connected to Onnit’s ½ pood Howler Primal Bell for added grr).


MagPinch rock training from Hold Emporium

Miriam Borgstrom Hold Emporium

Climbskin Hand Cream

I apply Climb Skin each night and wake with a fresh layer of skin to wreck the following day. Each 1oz jar comes packed with six months of extra skin (according to my calculations and hand proportions).

Buy Now from REI

climb skin

Miriam Borgstrom Climb Skin


So iLL Active Jeans

These pants are the most flexible and comfortable pants I’ve climbed in, and they have the perfect 1:1 ratio of real to faux pockets.

Buy Now from Moosejaw


So ill Women's Active Jeans

Miriam Borgstrom So iLL Women's Active Jeans

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