Climbing shoes … check!

Chalk bag … check!


Perhaps as crucial as your climbing shoes and chalk bag, a hot cup of coffee serves as a prerequisite for most climbers’ mornings at the crag … in fact, it might very well be the first thought you have upon waking.

With that notion in mind, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Carabiner Coffee to host pop-up Climber Coffees across various climbing destinations throughout 2016.

Carabiner Coffee


What is Carabiner Coffee?

Carabiner Coffee was an idea-turned-reality by Erik Gordon out of his apartment in the mountains of Colorado. Set on the dream of traveling, meeting new people, and making incredible coffee, Erik began selling premium, small-batch roasted coffee out of “Ol Blue,” his 1971 Volkswagen van.

Carabiner Coffee

Carabiner Coffee

Carabiner Coffee

Driven by the mantra, “Find Your Line,” Erik’s mission to deliver great coffee and stoke is one our team here at Moja Gear—along with plenty of other passionate climbers who’ve met Erik—are stoked to support:

What Carabiner Coffee puts out into the world is more than just coffee; it’s the passion to do more in this world than go to work and collect a paycheck. It’s the passion to seek out new people and experiences and to find connections in unsuspecting places. It’s the passion to go beyond the status quo, beyond what you think you are capable of, finding failure (sometimes) and finding the lessons hidden within. And it’s about encouraging people to do the same.

– Kathy Karlo of For the Love of Climbing

Get to know a bit more about Erik and Carabiner Coffee:

So what’s the scoop on the Moja Gear Climber Coffee events?

We’re looking forward to waking up with all of you and serving up some of Carabiner Coffee’s amazing beans across the crags we visit this year. Whether it’s Sander, Natalie, Sara, or Georgie hosting the event, you can expect a hot cup of coffee and unlimited sending vibes from whoever greets you from Moja Gear. And please, don’t be shy!

Our first Climber Coffee of the year will be hosted by our co-founder, Sander, at the Hidden Valley Campground in Joshua Tree on Thursday, January 28th. Later locations and dates have yet to be set (because all of us are on the road or live out of vans), but we will aim to announce Climber Coffees at least a week or two in advance. Sorry for the lack of solid planning—we ourselves are dirtbags, too!

Keep an eye out for one of these lovely mugs:

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