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Now here’s something new for rock climbers and their gear: Mountain Markers. A colorful series of bold graphic stickers and buttons designed with climbers of all ages and abilities in mind. Think of them like 5K and marathon stickers, only a way cooler 5.7 or V6. Mountain Markers were envisioned by father and son climbers as a unique way to share support for rock climbing, while tracking accomplishments and reaching for that next climb.

Available now are 16 sticker and button designs for both sport climbing and bouldering. The stickers are 2.5” diameter made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects from scratches, rain and sunlight. The buttons are 1.25” diameter and feature full-color graphics on a durable steel pin-back.

Imagine Mountain Markers in climbing grades from 5.7 to 5.14 and V2 to V9 personalizing your water bottle, helmet, cooler, laptop and car, or pinned to your chalk bag, gym bag, backpack, hat, harness and more. Climb higher and keep collecting or give and share with friends.


Mountain Markers are a great way to encourage self-confidence, determination, and belief in oneself. In this spirit, Mountain Markers help to foster team and individual development. A motivator for coaches, teams, schools, clubs, adaptive climbing, scouts, colleges, gyms to offer in celebration of accomplishments, share team values and support.

Be the first at your gym or favorite destination to rock Mountain Markers.