Watch the long-awaited footage of Nina Williams‘ first female ascent of Ambrosia—a 50-foot V11 (5.14X) on the Grandpa Peabody Boulder in the Buttermilks of Bishop, California.

Ambrosia was first set with top rope anchors in the early 1990s but the first ascent didn’t come until Kevin Jorgeson took on Ambrosia in 2009.

Planet Mountain: Kevin Jorgeson Frees Ambrosia

With this ascent, Nina has completed the “Grandpa Peabody Trifecta,” having ticked off the boulder’s two other highball testpieces; Footprints (V9) and Evilution Direct (V11).

I never want to say that I’m not scared, but it just felt like … like it was everything I needed.

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