On April 14, 2017, Trango released a recall notice for their Trango Vergo Belay Device with batch numbers 16159 and 16195 that were sold after October 1, 2016.

They discovered that the handles on these Vergo devices may have been loosened, which could result in its assisted-braking functionality failing if enough force is exerted on the handle to over-rotate itself onto the front plate. If this were to occur, it would greatly increase the risk of an uncontrolled descent.

Here’s what this improper over-rotation looks like:

vergo belay device recall
While no injuries have been reported, two reports of the issue have been made.

According to Trango,

Proper use of the Vergo, however, never requires the handle to move forward and over rotate onto the front plate.

Nevertheless, they have already redesigned the handle attachment point as well as the handle to prevent this issue.

To see if you’re the owner of an affected Trango Vergo Belay Device, look for the above batch codes here:

vergo belay device

If you have such a device, Trango will replace your Vergo and cover all shipping costs to send and receive a new device. For further instructions on returning your device, email [email protected] or visit this link.

Never heard of the Vergo Belay Device? Watch this video for more details:

Stay safe out there, climbers!

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