Paul Robinson gives some tips on rock climbing skills

Strength, Skill, and Mental capabilities sum together to determine your rock climbing ability. Few climbers properly train their strength–even fewer properly train their climbing skills. Here, Paul Robinson walks rockentry through several rock climbing skills to improve slab climbing. Check the bonus video at the bottom of this article for more coaching from Paul Robinson with YouTuber Geek Climber¬†as he attempts some limit boulders.

Learning rock climbing skills can unlock huge potential, but just like strength, skills develop over time. Keep these tips in mind to improve your slab climbing technique.

  1. Keep your weight over your feet like a plumb line
  2. Find the balance points – try flagging or foot positions which keep your hips close to the wall
  3. Keep as close to the wall as possible to keep your weight over your feet
  4. Stay tight with body tension
  5. When you are in a position where you need both hands and feet on the wall to prevent falling off, try a lock off. Pull your body up to the next body position before you move your hand so you only need to make a quick hand movement to the next hold. (see video at 12:48)
  6. Brush your holds!

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Don’t miss the bonus video where Paul links up with Geek Climber to give him some tips on body movement.