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General Description
Share a general description of the area. Try to include the physical setting, rough amount of climbs, rock type, approach, atmosphere/environment among climbers, etc. In other words, how would you describe this place to your friends?

Specific Description of Climbing Style
What are we doing here? Sport, trad, bouldering? All of the above?

Best Season
What time of year can we expect to not be smothered in humidity and bugs?

Climbing Grade Range
Mostly 5.8s? 5.10s? So V.hard that I won’t get off the ground?

Best Local Spot
What local restaurant, bar, or camping place does your body feel like melting into after a day at the crag?

Top Climbs in the Area
What are the must-do routes (include name, grade and a brief description, please!)?

Best Kept Secret
What do you know that everyone would love to know about this spot?

How Stiff is the Grading?
What’s the standard for soft and stiff? Are we flying up 5.14s or getting wrecked on a 5.4?

Where to stay?
Where should we head to beat the crowds and have a comfy night under the stars?

Other Information
Go wild. Answer whatever questions we forgot to ask.

Have great photos for this destination?
We’d love to showcase them. Simply attach them with your submission, or let us know if we need to accept a file transfer for video.