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After learning about HANAH products from Jimmy Chin on social media I tried HANAH’s flagship botanical supplement— HANAH ONE—for one month.

I got hooked on taking the combo of HANAH ONE, Ashwagandha and Turmeric during the filming of ‘Free Solo.’ This trio noticeably enhanced my focus and energy levels and really bolstered my immune system.

– Jimmy Chin

I followed the recommended regimen of taking a tablespoon twice daily for the first two weeks, after which one can drop down to one tablespoon per day, adjusting to individual needs and effects.

I added it to my morning coffee, and then to my late afternoon recovery smoothie. It can also be consumed alone, with meals, and in travel-friendly one-shot doses. The one-shot doses are great for traveling. I’ve taken these one-shot doses with me on trips to Colorado, Brazil, and Germany.

One tablespoon is about 70 calories, and it was easy to work it into my regular routine, which, for me, includes intermittent fasting.

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The taste is unique: slightly earthy, somewhat chicory. The consistency is somewhere between cookie dough and thoroughly cooked oatmeal. The packaging is magisterial, conveying a sense of austere purity and spiritual equipoise, if not enlightenment itself.

The supplement is composed of 30 wild-harvested, ethically-sourced, and quality-controlled herbs from Kerala, Southern India, including ashwagandha, turmeric, ghee, Amalaki, and Shatavari, among others. It forms the botanical basis of Ayurveda (“the science of life” in Sanskrit), the 4000-year old Indian holistic health practice that presumes strong reciprocal influences between mind, body, and spirit.


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Each of the 30 ingredients in HANAH ONE are thoughtfully formulated in such a way that the blend is greater than the sum of the ingredients. The HANAH ONE blend helps to improve physical vitality, boost mental clarity and focus, boost immunity, and more. HANAH’s sourcing, harvesting, and blending ensures that each product is of premium quality. . “I think the most important thing is figuring out where the ingredients in your food come from – knowing how and where it’s farmed or gathered is crucial. When I take supplements from HANAH I know their ingredients are sourced mindfully. They came into existence because that is truly their mission.” – HANAH Hero @jimmychin . Results come from the combination of purity and quality found in our products, our relationships, our business practices, and our community. In part 7 of our Purity, Quality and Results series, learn more about HANAH’s standards for sourcing, harvesting and production by visiting the link in our bio (or here: http://bit.ly/2zTcL7O).

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Originally a theory of the proper interaction between specific bodily elements and humors, Ayurveda nowadays emphasizes moderation and balance between natural cycles of work, exercise, rest, sleep, and meditation as a means to sustaining vitality and wellness.

Joel Einhorn, the founder of HANAH, experienced the benefits of Ayurvedic practices first-hand after a serious cycling accident while training for an Ironman race. He has since committed himself to working with local practitioners of Ayurveda to provide the highest quality supplement possible.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, the, admittedly quite limited, clinical studies that do exist suggest that Ayurveda as an alternative medicine can be effective in alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and other maladies.

On the other hand, the same authority notes that such supplements of obscure origin, which are unregulated by the US government, can contain worryingly high levels of heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you use only products whose quality and purity you trust.

On their website, HANAH describes the care they take to guarantee proper sourcing, which is reflected in the consistency of their product that contains nothing artificial, no gluten, lactose or soy, and is GMO-free. Of course, the price reflects the quality of the sourced ingredients: one container (which lasts almost a month) will set you back $55, though a monthly subscription rate is slightly less expensive.

While the supplement may ameliorate specific ailments as mentioned above, the chief use of Ayurveda is not for targeted relief of symptoms or cure of disease, but rather prevention and holistic well-being. Several world-class outdoors athletes provide compelling testimonials on the HANAH website.

See a few below:

The makers claim that HANAH ONE supports and rebalances our modern—read: frenetic, stressful—lifestyle, by improving the immune system, focus, mental clarity, and endurance. Personally, my typical day is divided between mental labor (requiring prolonged concentration), management problem-solving and communications (requiring stress mitigation), and training workouts (requiring strength and endurance).

By the end of the first month of taking HANAH ONE, I was feeling less fatigued, more energetic and engaged, and more mentally and physically fit. I was sleeping more soundly and I was able to shift into my desired flow state whether in the office or the gym.

I will continue to incorporate HANAH ONE into my daily routine. I’m currently experimenting with adding them to my recovery drinks and tracking positive results in mental and physical agility so far. These positive outcomes have led me to try several other HANAH products including, vechur ghee, pure ashwagandha, pure turmeric, and shilajit+.

Is it worth it? It’s certainly worth a try … Especially if you are juggling challenging mental and physical demands along with unforgiving time constraints, and if you can afford it and cannot afford to lose momentum or fall ill, then certainly pick up a jar.

It might not quite be enlightenment itself, but it comes invigoratingly close.

Results, of course, may vary. HANAH ONE cannot replace the benefits of a good diet, regular exercise, and wellness techniques like meditation, but it may enhance the effects of these good practices. There are no double-blind trials for supplements, and the placebo effect is always a factor to be considered.

*Jimmy Chin is a professional climber and photographer. His impressive career includes producing incredible works like Meru and Free Solo.


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