Tent camping in the winter might sound extreme to some, but there’s real beauty to hiking and sleeping in the woods when everything is dormant. Spotting untouched snow-covered landscapes and feeling the pleasure of a warm campfire can provide some sweet moments.

Staying comfortable and safe while you’re camping in winter is a challenge, but it can be done. After all, people lived in harsh climates long before synthetic down clothing. Check out these top tips on tent camping in the winter so that you can experience camping in a whole new way.

Wear Layers

Of course, the first rule when outside in the wintertime is to layer up. The first layer needs to be close-fitting to trap in body heat, like leggings or long johns. The next layer is the insulating layer that you can peel off and on as your body temperature fluctuates throughout the day. Anything ranging from a heavy sweater to a down jacket will do. Finally, your outermost layer needs to protect you from moisture and wind, so you’ll want to choose something that is waterproof.

Stay Dry

Staying dry is crucial because wet clothes will lower your internal temperature fast, and snow isn’t the only culprit behind this problem. Sweat from a run can cause your body temperature to drop, and you’ll want to remove layers to prevent sweating. Also, leave the running shoes at home and opt for waterproof boots.

Sleep With Layers On

Even if your clothes are wet, you’ll want to dry them out by keeping them on or in your sleeping bag. Otherwise, you’ll wake up to clothing that’s frozen stiff. Try your best to dry yourself by the campfire or any other heating items you brought along before climbing into your bag.

Don’t Sleep on the Ground

This top tip for tent camping in the winter might sound counterintuitive because tents are on the ground, but there are other options available. Sleeping pads and air mattresses can give you enough distance from the cold ground to keep it from sucking your body heat away. Are you a vanlifer or truck camper? Another option is to invest in and use a rooftop tent for your Jeep to help you stay warm during the night.

By arriving at your campsite prepared, you can stay safe and comfortable enough to enjoy a new outdoor experience that’s truly beautiful. Check out our sister site, Vanvaya, for more tips about enjoying vanlife.

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