The following is a transcript from the video, I Will Tell My Son, by Kody Kohlman and Martin Brodsky.

i will tell my son how we climbed mountains:


how we woke before dawn

our breath pushing steam into the morning

those jagged peaks rising into the last of the stars

like an inkwell spilt across the sky


they called to us

those mountains

from above like the gods

tempting us to join them in the holy heavens


we began walking in the dark

a path lit by our lamps

a glowing moon

the ambient light off a city in the plains

just enough to see our footsteps


but of little else that lie ahead

the musk of old pines hung in the air

the trees surrounded us

standing watch

like guards on the late night shift


eyeing everyone that passed

we climbed higher

tacking across boulder fields

from rock to rock

pressing on

up and up and up


then dawn arrived

casting gentle light on the alpine world

pushing the stars back into the universe


the sun warmed our bones

giving strength to our tired bodies

until we laid first eyes on the summit


the trail became steep

we grabbed the stone with our callused hands

hauled ourselves deeper into the thinning air

ever higher

ever closer

waiting for a clear path

for the last push to arrive


we counted the steps

we counted the breaths

what would it take to get there?

the drama buzzed on our tongues


did we make it?

it doesn’t matter

not everyone makes it

not everyone makes it back, either


what mattered was the try

the push to leave comfort behind

a life made whole

by long days under the sun

and late nights around the fire


and knowing that some things

are bigger than we will ever be


i will tell my son how we climbed mountains

he will climb mountains, too

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