In just a couple of short months, winter will be here. Ever thought of ice climbing?

Youtube channel, Cragcloud, shares a few tips on getting started in ice climbing.

Ice Climbing Technique

  • Keep your feet wide
  • Snap your wrists at the end of the swing.
  • Keep your heels down and use the large muscles in your legs.

Ice Climbing Gear

You may want to borrow or rent the first time.  In Europe, it is common to rent this type of gear.

Ice Climbing Grades

  • Ranges from WI1 to WI7.
  • WI3 to WI6 is most common.
  • The rating increases as the angle of climbing increases and the ability to protect becomes harder.

How to get started in Ice Climbing

  • Hire a guide
  • Visit an ice climbing festival in Europe
    • Cogne, Italy
    • Argentiere, France
    • Abisko, Sweden
    • Rjukan, Norway
  • Visit an ice climbing festival in the US
    • Cody, Wyoming
    • Bozeman, Montana
    • Valdez, Alaska
    • Ouray, Colorado
  • Search for partners online

Ice Climbing Beginner Destinations

  • Cogne, in the Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy – single and multi-pitch routes
  • Ozzimosis or Krokan Crags in Rjukan, Norway

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