So you like rock climbing, eh? Then you’ve probably already realized there’s an endless stream of challenges and skills to master throughout your climbing journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a well-seasoned veteran—there’s always plenty more to learn in this vast and ever-expanding sport.

To help you develop as a climber, our team at Moja Gear created and continue to create thorough guides that can support your knowledge and progress in the realm of rock climbing. Below you’ll find our current downloadable rock climbing eBook offerings that span everything from technical topics to the ethics of our sport’s culture. Dive in and enjoy.


Free eBooks

7 Mistakes to Avoid as a New/Beginner Climber

The learning curve for rock climbing can be steep. It takes guidance, it takes mentorship, and it takes climbing—a lot of climbing. While there is no substitute to simply putting in the hours, this eBook specially crafted for new and beginner climbers covers seven avoidable mistakes that will accelerate your development in the sport of rock climbing.




Toes to Knows Climbing Footwork eBook

Toes to Knows: Climbing Footwork Techniques & Tips

Toes to Knows is a climbing skills coaching progression used by author and climbing coach Matt Cupal with his youth climbing team. Progress through 8 different footwork skills, from toes to fingertips, learning how to use your body! Don’t forget the mental prep as well — that’s the “Knows” part.




6 Training Games for All Levels of Climbers

While we all seek to get stronger, our bodies are not always prepared to hop on the hangboard or scale the campus board. And on plenty of days, we just don’t feel like climbing the same routes or problems that have been up for weeks at the gym. To remedy these times, we’ve created an eBook that offers 6 training “games” for the gym that climbers at any level can enjoy. Warning: you’re in store for a surprisingly tough workout!




The Ultimate Guide to Rock Climbing Knots, Bends, and Hitches

Being competent in tying fundamental rock climbing knots, bends, and hitches is essential to developing your skills as a climber. Use this thorough guide to gain an understanding of these crucial techniques. Consider practicing with a climbing rope to truly dial in your skills!





Full-length eBooks

Rock Climbing Fundamentals: Essential Terms, Techniques, and Tips for the New Climbers


Rock Climbing Fundamentals eBookThis beautifully crafted 81-page eBook will provide you with a foundational knowledge of climbing history, terms, techniques, and gear so that you feel confident at the gym or crag. For those that are new to the sport and want to grow your understanding of climbing and feel confident at the gym or crag, this eBook is for you.

View a sample here.



Modern Redpointing: Alternative Strategies to Improve Your Performance on the Rock

Modern Redpointing

While most climbing performance books focus on external improvement (through training, nutrition, etc) this one takes an inward dive, covering topics like visualization, meditation, how to channel emotional energy, and more.

Supplemented with audio and video guides throughout, the strategies presented are designed to improve your climbing outside of simply spending more time on the campus board or eating more veggies. The methods are actionable and require no equipment and no partner … just an open mind and a willingness to experiment.




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