Unless your romantic relationship and your closest belaytionship are with the same person, you probably have trouble with climbing time coming between you and your partner. But do not despair! Moja Gear has the secret to better climbing AND better relationships. What more could you want?

5 ways to convince your partner that more rock climbing is a good thing

First, here are some tips to prevent making rock climbing a pain in your partner’s life.

1. Stop the climbing stink

Most climbers are accustomed to the smell of their shoes. For some, the smell reminds them of the incredible feeling of climbing. However, to your partner, the smell is nothing but the vomit-inducing smell of death! Don’t let your car or living quarters smell anything like climbing shoes. Find a place to store you shoes without offending your partner’s nose.

2. Stop the mess

Keep your chalk in a ziplock bag, because making a dusty mess won’t win anyone over.*

*Unless you are Alex Honnold and give GQ interviews with chalky hands.

3. Massages!

A huge amount of time is spent just warming up at the gym to get the blood flowing flowing through all those muscles in the arms. Rather than spending even more time away from your partner, use your need for a warm-up to give them the gift of a massage. If you give your partner a massage every time you get ready to climb, your partner might even look forward to your next session! Win-win: your hands also get a jump start on the warm-up.

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rock climbing partner massage

4. Run Errands

While you’re heading out to the gym, make sure to ask what is needed from the grocery store or if you can run other errands while you’re out.

If your partner can associate climbing with getting errands done, you may have a new level of support! Picking up milk and eggs on the way home is a great way to start.

5. Car cleaning

This one can only be used occasionally, but next time you go climbing, call a mobile detailing company to clean your partner’s car while you are working out. Or, take their car through the car wash on the way back home to make it shine.

Bringing a car back clean and shiny works much better than bringing it back chalky and smelly.

Rock climbing partner's car wash

Bonus tip for parents – take the kids to the gym

Leaving the kids at home while you “hang out” at the gym isn’t going to help your cause. Take the kids with you! Kids love climbing, but not when it means 3 hours at the gym. Make sure you are disciplined and focused with your time.

Your partner will appreciate the quiet time at home.

Take the kids rock climbing with you

Photo by Rachel from Unsplash

Now to you: How do you and your partner handle your love affair with climbing? Have some more tips to help your fellow climbers? Share them with [email protected], and we’ll send you a sticker!