Like 4x4s in climbing … except not.

There’s more to Ethan Pringle than just achieving the second ascent of Jumbo Love, (5.15b)—the hardest route in America. Aside from his impeccable climbing feats that span across all disciplines of the sport, Ethan also bears a series of unexpected quirks that make this professional climber not all too different from you and I. Get to know the lesser known side of Ethan in this 5×5: 


1. Hella water

2. Sunglasses (hater blockers 😉

3. Beet juice

4. Toilet paper (and a plastic bag to pack it out after the deed is done)

5. My Roll Recovery R8


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1. I spend an exorbitant amount of time flossing and brushing my teeth at night, especially if I use my Sonicare.

2. I quit coffee about two and a half weeks before sending Jumbo Love (5.15b). It was the hardest and best decision I’ve made all year.

3. I am an insomniac.

4. I fucking love avocados.

5. I’ve never been to a strip club or gambled.


1. Biography (5.15a) in Ceuse, France (September 2007)

2. BuiltFjord Tough (5.12/A2) in Greenland (with Mike Libecki, August 2012)

3. Freerider (5.13a), Yosemite, CA (with Walker Emerson, May 2014)

4. La Reina Mora (5.14c/d), Siurana, Spain (March 2015)

5. Jumbo Love (5.15b), Clark Mountain, CA (May 2015)


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1. The continent of South America

2. The New River Gorge

3. Andalusia

4. The Greater Ranges

5. The depths of my psyche


1. Being born to amazing parents and older brother

2. Discovering and developing an appreciation for the outdoors at a very young age

3. Discovering climbing

4. The stroke that completely paralyzed the left side of my father’s body

5. Discovering the power of self-compassion

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