Use this guide as a general overview. Remember, learning about rock climbing online serves as a tool, but in no way are videos or written articles a substitute for hands-on instruction. Failure to follow appropriate safety measures could result in serious injury or death. If just getting started, seek professional climbing courses offered by AMGA-certified guiding services. Be smart, and climb safe.

Are you beginner to trad climbing? Or simply eager to brush up on and improve your anchor-building abilities? Then you’re in luck. This might well be the best and most thorough video guide we’ve ever seen for building climbing anchors.

This video is a flood of information about anchors intended to help new climbers know how to evaluate an anchor for themselves, rather than blindly trust whomever they are learning from. It’s a lot of information, so watch as much or as little as you are interested in, and remember that there’s more than one right way to do things.

– Video creator, Rob Busack

This extensive video includes the following topics:


Rigging examples

  • Standard cordelette anchor
  • Cordelette around a tree
  • 2-piece cordelette-style anchor
  • Two separate slings
  • Sliding X
  • Sliding X with limiter knots
  • The Quad
  • Two quickdraws
  • Using the rope itself
  • The Equalette
  • The ACR anchor

Using anchors

  • Rappel anchors
  • Extending over an edge
  • Top-roping
  • Connecting yourself during multi-pitch

Dive in and enjoy!

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