Looking for beta on the newest climbing gear being introduced at the 2017 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah? Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy gear innovations coming soon to the climbing world.

Make sure to check back throughout the rest of this week for additional gear additions and informational updates. And, in case you’re curious on the status of last year’s show highlights, see our guide of last year’s top gear picks, updated with current availability and lowest price options.

Climbing shoes

Five Ten Quantum VCS

Available early 2018; MSRP: TBD

Key features

Designed with guidance from the Huber brothers, the new Five Ten Quantum VCS revamps the regular lace-up Quantum to offer a new Velcro take on this all-around high-performance shoe.

Featuring Five Ten’s wider and more downturned VCS last, a stiff midsole for added stability, as well extended coverage of the crowd favorite C4 Stealth rubber on the toe, this shoe is designed to excel at all-day edging, bouldering, and route climbing, too.

Five Ten Anasazi VCS Pro

Available Spring 2018; MSRP: TBD

Key features

Long considered one of the greatest all-around climbing shoe models of all time, Five Ten has built upon their classic Anasazi VCS with this new “Pro” model, inspired by the needs and desires of athletes.

Similar in most features to the original, this higher-end version features a tighter heel for more precise performance, Mi6 rubber for added grip in toe hooking endeavors, and a cozy, breathable mesh tongue to make it a shoe you can climb hard in for hours on end.

Scarpa Furia S

Available Spring 2018; MSRP: TBD

Key features

A revamp of the old Furia model, the Furia S is intended to round out the range of Scarpa’s soft and sensitive high-performance shoes to give you a shoe that fits like a glove and mimics the sensory benefits of barefoot climbing.

With this new model, they’ve made a shoe softer than the already sensitive Drago; adding features of perforated the rubber on the upper for added flexibility, a soft strap to further the softness of the shoe, and an extended active randing system that runs along the heel to maintain structure and stability.

Scarpa Maestro and Maestro Mid

Available Spring 2018; MSRP — Maestro: $180, Maestro Mid: $190

Key features

The all-new Maestro family of shoes introduces a brand new last, stitch patterning, active randing system, and a redesigned plastic insert to the Scarpa lineup.

This model—designed over the course of three years—was intended to create a flat and straight lasted shoe that incorporates the premier features of Scarpa’s other high-end models. With four different styles (a high-top and low-top in both women’s and men’s-specific), this shoe rounds out their line to account for the specific needs of traditional and all-around climbers.

All models feature internal stitch patterning with two toe panels, a single panel of leather at the base that curls over the toes, an active rand system for comfortable and durable support, Vibram XS Edge rubber, and a plastic insert designed to balance flexibility for technical smearing and stiffness for edging power.

The Maestro Mid variation—meant to serve as a trad/crack climbing shoes—features ankle protection desirable for foot jams and offwidth climbs. The regular low-top Maestro design leans more towards all-around use. All four shoes use 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber to ensure grip.

Scarpa Instinct SR

Available March 2018; MSRP: TBD

Key features

Among Scarpa’s six new model releases is the Scarpa Instinct SR—an updated and improved version of their classic Instinct S slipper.

This remake features an internal stitch patterning with two toe panels, a new sole and heel design, reinforcing bands over the elastic for extended lifespan, as well as Vibram S Grip 2 perforated rubber over the top and heel of the shoe for solid toe and heel hooking.

 Black Diamond’s new climbing shoe line

Available Spring/Summer 2018; MSRP — Momentum: $89, Aspect: $139, Focus $174, Shadow: $180

Key features

Black Diamond has officially introduced their much anticipated first ever lineup of climbing shoes.

They’ve designed two beginner, entry-level models (Momentum and Aspect) and two high-end performance models (Shadow and Focus). Black Diamond’s range of shoes will incorporate NeoFriction rubber, a proprietary resin for the midsole, and rubber molded toe and heel rands.

Read more details on the manufacturing and features of the Black Diamond’s new shoes here.

Tenaya Mastia

Available Spring/Summer 2018; MSRP: TBD

Key features

The all-new Mastia from Tenaya aims to fill the niche as a high-end performance shoe with lower volume, that still manages to maintain the high level of sensitivity that many appreciate from Tenaya’s shoes while also gaining serious toe and edging power.

This shoe features a single power strap for easy on and off closure, a stiffer and thicker toe box than Tenaya’s Oasi model, and Vibram XS Grip rubber.

Other climbing gear

Mammut Smart 2.0 and Smarter belay devices

Available Spring/Summer 2018; MSRP: TBD

Key features

The new Mammut Smart 2.0 belay device is a revamp of their already highly-acclaimed Smart, only the new version has significantly improved breaking effectiveness and thus, overall safety. Other updates include a new ergonomic grip for better comfort and control while belaying, as well as modifications to the rope feeding mechanism intended to provide easier feeding. This device will be available in five different colors.

For even further safety measures, Mammut has introduce the Smarter attachment piece for the Smart 2.0, intended for beginner climbers. This piece clips onto the device to offer a preemptive trigger on the locking mechanism, should the belayer misuse the device during a climber’s fall.

Mammut Neon Smart Backpack

Available Spring/Summer 2018; MSRP: TBD

Key features

The new Neon Smart from Mammut offers a backpack dedicated to sport and gym climbing convenience. It opens completely with one zipper, providing easy and quick access to the entirety of your gear.

The interior features a variety of pockets, while the back of this pack features a ventilated panel for breathability. The Neon Smart features nylon ripstop material, includes a rope tarp, and features a top pocket with attachment straps, should you wish to carry your rope on top.

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