By now, we’ve all seen the funny videos of climbers driven mad by the boredom of self-quarantine, throwing heel hooks on their kitchen counters and campusing up open stairs. While the chuckle these videos grant is much needed, sudden lack of access to climbing training in a real concern for many people.

We’re here to show that just because you’re holed up and hunkered down, doesn’t mean you need to lose all climbing fitness you’ve fought so hard to gain. In fact, you can use the lack of outdoor cragging as an opportunity to really buckle down and get strong… right from your own home!

All you need is a little creativity, a few training tools, and motivation. Check out some of the many resources here to help on your journey toward climbing progression. P.S.: Our very own Coach Chris has lots to say on the matter!

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Home Climbing Training Tools on a Budget


Resistance Bands

If you don’t already own a set of resistance bands, use this as a pleasant opportunity to catch up. Self-quarantine aside, these babies are a climber’s best friend. Use them to ramp up the intensity of calisthenics, to stretch, and, most importantly, for all kinds of shoulder exercises. Use social distancing as an opportunity to really keep those shoulders in tip top shape so as to avoid injury next time you really start using them.

Once we’re all okay to go outside and enjoy our crags again, you can still bring these to give your shoulders a good warm up before climbing.

Pro Tech Athletics Resistance Bands


Door Frame Pull Up Bar

If you can only afford to invest in one home training tool, a pull up bar should be it, as they give you the biggest bang for your buck. For keeping your lats, shoulders, and core in shape (all important aspects for climbing), a pull up bar is absolutely integral. Pull up bars allow you to do pull-ups, front levers, toe to bars, scapular pull-ups, and archer pull-ups to name just a few exercises that will target climbing-specific skills and muscles.

Best of all, there is no end to the variety of pull-up bars available to suit your particular training needs and living space. Some can be mounted directly into walls while others hang harmlessly and non-permanently on a door frame (especially great for you renters out there who might not want to create any lasting damage in the walls). For the especially motivated trainee, opt for an version with attachable lower extensions for tricep dips and other push exercises.

 Iron Age doorway pull up bar for home training


Metolius Rock Rings

With a single-point suspension hanging system that allows them to be hung off just about anything (like a pull-up bar, for instance), the Metolius Rock Rings set of two is an ultra portable and convenient method to train those tendons. Hang in your kitchen one day and your living room the next; there are no limits to where you can use Rock Rings.

They feature larger depth edges including a 4-finger pocket, 4-finger edge, 3-finger pocket, and a jug at the top which can be used for pull-ups and other ring exercises.

Metolius Rock Rings Home Climbing Training


Metolius Prime Rib Training Board

If you prefer to do your training on skin-friendly wood grips, the Metolius Prime Rib hangboard will get your fingers feeling fit. Featuring 38mm, 23mm, and 15mm edges, this board is perfect for beginner to intermediate climbers, or advanced climbers who add weight to their hangs.

At only $50, the Metolius Prime Rib Board is one of the most affordable mounted hangboards on the market.

Metolius Prime Rib Home Climbing Training


Weight Plates / Kettlebells

We’re not saying you should invest in a whole rack of weights, because a few weights are all that’s needed to seriously amp up your training. Weight plates or kettlebells are better than dumbbells because they have holes for hanging from your harness for weighted hangs and pull-ups. The training doesn’t stop there, though. You can also use a few weights to intensify ab workouts, shoulder workouts, and squats.

Yes4All Kettlebells indoor rock climbing training