With the spirit of all things Yosemite in the air—post-Reel Rock 9, and now, as Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson prepare to tackle the Dawn Wall again—we wanted to bring back a look into another perspective on modern day climbing in the Valley.

In On Assignment, Renan Ozturk follows Jimmy Chin as he shares his perspective on what it means to capture adventure in the remarkable place, while working on a feature story for National Geographic.

I think Yosemite climbing has a certain purity to it, because the climbers are up there battling it out, pushing through physical and mental challenges, far from the eyes of the world; there’s nobody there to see it. To be able to bring those stories back, those moments back is really inspiring for me.

– Jimmy Chin


Renan Ozturk is an expedition climber, landscape artist, and film-maker. He was National Geographic’s 2013 Adventurer of the Year and co-founded the Camp 4 Collective adventure sports production company. To learn more about Renan, explore his website