This week, we’re featuring, Down To Nothing —a film capturing the intrepid journey of Hilaree O’Neill, Cory Richards, Mark Jenkins, Emily Harrington, and Renan Ozturk on their North Face and National Geographic expedition to Myanmar in October of 2014.

With the aim to summit and verify the elevation of an unknown peak in the Northern stretches of the country, this courageous team traveled well over 1000 miles through jungle terrain and into rugged alpine conditions to attempt to discover whether Hkakabo Razi was indeed the highest peak in Southwest Asia.

With unlimited twists, turns, and catastrophic challenges along the way, there’s no shortage of engrossing moments in this film. And, if you were already deeply captivated by the footage released on social media throughout this epic adventure, then this film by Renan Ozturk will surely blow you away.

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