At the strike of Friday, most of us are ready to throw on our weekend warrior suits and hit the crag hard. But the real question is how hard?

The never disappointing Peak District’s Wide Boyz —Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker—turn hard into really, really hard in this week’s flick pick. The title truly says it all: they never give up. This pain-enduring pair takes on the challenge of completing 125 climbs across the Eastern and Western Edges of the Peak District, in a 24 hour sufferfest of raw physical endurance. Not to mention, it involves 22 miles of running in between crags … in the dark … while exhausted.

People on the outside who don’t either do our sport or don’t do it to the same level, look at the things we do and they put a kind of impossibility label on it. But really what we’re doing, is we’re trying to find things that are on the margins of what IS possible for us.

-Tom Randall

Scout’s honor—this one is guaranteed to make you crank up your try hard this weekend.