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So you have a secret desire for the lycra (aka “hot pants”) trends of the 80s climbing scene to return? Yeah, me too—and apparently so did the team at So iLL when they designed their bold new line of active wear.

Featuring a variety of shorts, capri-length, and full-length leggings—So iLL’s line brings a fresh perspective on climbing clothing—deviating from the earth tones we all own way to much of, and instead taking a bright, artistic route to complement you on your days of training at the gym and sending at the crag.

Here’s a peek at a few of the designs:

So iLL Walls Leggings So iLL Holds Shorts So iLL Carabiner Shorts So iLL Ropes Leggings

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A review of the funky new So iLL leggings

I recently had the opportunity to try these spankin’ new pants out and was excited about both their aesthetic and material performance. As someone who thoroughly enjoys the freedom that leggings lend for heel hooks and high feet, as well as offering the chance to rock wildly bright colors when I’m climbing, So iLL’s leggings definitely satisfied my desires.

I tested out a pair of the full-length Routes design and Ropes leggings at the gym and while out on a day of climbing some rather choss-y rock. I was somewhat nervous about how well they would hold up with the seemingly endless sharp rock, tree branches, and bushes I encountered on my climbing trip outside, but thanks to their custom Polyester blend, these leggings endured the elements pretty well. Nevertheless, I would probably prefer to wear them for sport, bouldering, or indoor climbing, rather than for bush-whacking adventurous trad days …

So ILL Leggings Review

Tested these out in the gym, and on some serious choss. Results = solid.

As for comfort, I really appreciated the hi-rise fit of these leggings, which makes them feel more secure and snug over your waist. They do run a bit small, so So iLL suggests that you consider sizing up to avoid overly tight leggings!

When it comes to functionality, you can basically where them anywhere and for pretty much anything active. I love that I can wear them straight into yoga class after a climbing session without having to change. They’re definitely built for mobility and highly flexible movement. I even wore them running some errands, and despite feeling a bit ridiculous, got some psyched feedback from non-climbing strangers. I mean, you really can’t deny that they look pretty rad …

So iLL leggings review

You’ll want to try hard and do silly things when you’re wearing these.

Overall, I’d mainly recommend these leggings for their unique look and solid durability. Having met the founder of So iLL, Dan, I can guarantee that you’d be hard-pressed to find another climbing company with such a knack for putting out funky and one-of-a-kind climbing inspired gear.

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So iLL Leggings Review

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