At the inaugural event of the Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival held in Bishop last year, time and again over the course of the weekend I heard murmurs (from both men and women) taking note of the unusually large number of females climbing together in one space. I said it myself, too. None of these comments were made in jest. They were simply pointing out an observantly rare phenomenon: that there were over 150 women—visible as far as the eye can see—encouraging and supporting one another while rock climbing. In a word, it felt special.

And for a second time, from March 3-5, 2017, this one-of-a-kind happening will come to life once again.

Flash Foxy Women's Climbing Festival

It’s a simple act, really, this whole coming together with women and rock climbing … yet it carries an impact and meaning that transcends beyond the many heated debates in our community and the world at large surrounding gender politics. Instead of what some might incorrectly perceive as a protest against men in climbing (trust us, we like climbing with you, too), this event is really just about celebrating.

We’re celebrating that we can turn the scene of hundreds of women climbing together in a single space a normal event. We’re celebrating the opportunity for both beginner and veteran climbers alike to grow our skills and experiences. We’re celebrating the unique occasion to openly share and discuss topics that can empower us in the outdoors and in our own climbing communities. And if nothing else at all, we’re celebrating that we get to climb and hang out in Bishop—one of the greatest places on earth—with over 200 rad women for an entire weekend. Really, there’s plenty for us to rejoice over.

Take a look at this year’s event schedule, and optional workshops/clinics for more details.

How to attend the 2017 Women’s Climbing Festival

Stoked and want to take part in the 2017 Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival?

Ticket registration will open promptly at 12pm PST on December 1. Last year’s event sold out in under 24 hours, and with only 200 spots available this year, I promise you they will sell out quickly again. Make sure to register here to secure your spot!

Ticket registration, which includes meals and events for the weekend, costs $70, and for those willing and able to help offset costs for other participants, a $95 “Superwomen” pay-more-if-you-can option also exists.

Register for the Flash Foxy Women's Climbing Festival

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