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We’re so happy you stopped by! At Mesa Rim, we strive to provide our community with the tools needed to reach new heights and pursue their goals. This Rock Climbing Fundamentals eBook has been designed specifically for Mesa Rim. We hope you find it to be a helpful introduction to terms, techniques, and tips from the sport. Please reach out to our friendly Front Desk Team with any questions you may have.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Mesa Rim again! Go. Climb.

About Rock Climbing Fundamentals

Rock Climbing Fundamentals is an 80+ page PDF eBook designed for the new climber, to provide knowledge of climbing history, terms, techniques, and gear so that you feel comfortable at the gym or crag. Chapters covered in this eBook include:

  1. A Brief History of Climbing
  2. Styles of Climbing
  3. An Overview of Climbing Gear
  4. Introduction to Common Climbing Holds
  5. Basic Technique for New Climbers
  6. Belaying Fundamentals
  7. Climbing Grades, Explained
  8. General Tips and Advice for New Climbers
  9. Your Responsibility as a Climber
  10. A Simplified Climbing Glossary
  11. Useful Bonus Materials