For a total of 40 days and 40 nights, the Petzl RocTrip crew has been caravaning through five countries, across 2000km, occupying 10 basecamps, and climbing at over 30 crags across Eastern Europe.

Follow along with the Petzl RocTrip crew in their latest episode, as they explore the endless fields of granite-gneiss boulders in Bafa Lake, which surround the village of Kapikiri in the beautiful country of Turkey. Bafa Lake, basecamp Eight of 10 on this Eastern European adventure holds jaw-dropping, majestic scenery that will have you setting your climbing destination sights eastward.

Once a gulf of the Aegean Sea, sediment eventually filled the area of Bafa Lake and created a vast ocean of rock. With thousands of boulders ranging from V0 to V12, this destination won’t disappoint any rock mongerer.

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