The Scratch Mat (see bottom of post for photo) is a simple, durable surface for wiping your feet at the base of a boulder. It’s a limited release item and not offered anywhere else but Moja Gear.

Note: although this campaign has officially ended, ORGANIC is allowing a short grace period where the offer will still be honored and fulfilled. Click any button below for the payment page!

Few things stand out as vividly under a boulder as that bright yellow ORGANIC Climbing logo on one of the most durable and trusted landing surfaces for climbers throughout the world.

And while that iconic patch stands as a guarantee of high quality production standards and care, ORGANIC crash pads make their presence unforgettable through their unmatched durability and enviable custom colors … letting any boulderer share a taste of who they are.



Photo: Sammy Carlson; courtesy of ORGANIC Climbing

Chris Healy, The Big Guy LLC UT USA. Photo George Bruce Wilson

Climber: Chris Healy; Photo: George Bruce Wilson; courtesy of ORGANIC Climbing

Started in the summer of 2003 by owner and founder, Josh Helke, in his kitchen in Laramie, WY—ORGANIC Climbing was born from a desire to offer a high quality and unique alternative to the mainstream pads being dumped into the market by industry giants.

Our goal at ORGANIC is to produce the highest quality product possible, and continue to drive that level of quality forward every single day.

With that mission in mind, ORGANIC climbing has stayed true to 2 vital principals since its humble beginnings:

  1. hand-making their crash pads and sourcing materials from here in the USA; and
  2. running a virtually zero-waste sewing shop that recycles its scraps to create new, innovative gear.


There’s no doubt about it: ORGANIC Climbing crash pads have become the iconic piece of bouldering gear for climbers across the US and abroad to fall on. Nevertheless, the foundational principles powering Josh and his small team of sewers will forever keep ORGANIC a small, grassroots, and climber-driven operation.

So why should you stray from the big box crash pad and opt to get yours from ORGANIC Climbing?

Aside from getting a reliable pad with durable materials that will last you a lifetime, no where else will you experience such an exceptional level of quality, integrity, and attention to aesthetics put into creating your unique crash pad.

Climber: Alex Johnson

Climber: Alex Johnson; Photo: Michael Lim; courtesy of ORGANIC Climbing

Climber: Jimmy Webb

Climber: Jimmy Webb; Photo: courtesy of ORGANIC Climbing


A special offer from ORGANIC Climbing

Keeping true to the spirit of climbing and our community, Josh from ORGANIC is offering Moja Gear readers an exclusive deal to make your next bouldering experience that much better.

Now through April 12, 2016 you’ll get a free limited edition Scratch Mat ($30 value!) with your purchase of either a Simple or Full Pad.

Scratch Mat

Scratch Mat

The Scratch Mat—a small, simple, and functional piece of gear—offers a durable surface that can serve as a convenient carpet to wipe your feet on at the base of your climb.