An Inside Look at Alex Honnold’s New Adventure Van

Earlier this year, Alex Honnold upgraded his road life setup by transitioning from his 2002 Ford Econoline E150 (which he lived in for nine years) to a much more spacious 2016 Dodge Ram ProMaster.

His new snazzy home-on-wheels—built out and designed by fellow professional climber, Mason Earle—features a variety of improvements, including the ability to fully stand up, much more space to train, and artistic climbing-inspired interior decor, such as an etched outline of El Cap on the inside of the van’s doors and repurposed Black Diamond cam lobes.

Living in a car reminds you that you don’t really need that much to be totally content, live a fulfilling life, and be happy.

For an inside look at his old rig, check out this video from a few years ago:

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