Like 4x4s in climbing … except not.

Sure, we’ve all seen Chris Sharma dyno off featureless limestone holds on the mind-blowing cliffs of Spain—but there’s more to this climbing phenom than just crushing the hardest routes in the world. Chris also happens to have a penchant for gardening, home remodeling, and few other quirks you might not expect to hear. Get to know the lesser known side of Chris  in this 5×5 Revelations:


1. Water

2. No expectations

3. My dog

4. Reggae music

5. A warm jacket


1. I’m not very good at running

2. I like home remodeling

3. I’m fluent in Spanish

4. Gardening is a passion

5. I make an amazing Spanish tortilla


1. Mandala (V12), Bishop, California (2000)

2. La Dura Dura (5.15c), Oliana, Spain (2013)

Watch Chris and Adam Ondra’s collaborative efforts to send La Dura Dura:

3. Moonlight Buttress (5.12d, 10 Pitches, Trad), Zion National Park, Utah

4. Es Pontàs (9c, deep water solo), Mallorca, Spain (2007)

King Lines footage of Sharma climbing Es Pontàs:

5. Biographie (5.15a), Ceuse, France (2001)

Watch Chris climb the world’s first 5.15:

6. El Bon Combat (5.15b/c), Cova de Ocell, Spain (haha that’s six)

Check out footage from Sharma’s latest hard send:


1. More of Europe

2. Some big walls in Morocco

3. A deep cave in Africa

4. A potential deep water soloing area of the coast of Sardinia

5. A new limestone cliff near Venezuela


1. Meeting my wife! I am getting married at the end of August!

2. Being able to climb all over the world

3. Having great parents

4. Living most of my time these days in Spain

5. Finally fulfilling a dream of opening up a climbing gym

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