Watch Ethan Pringle’s first ascent of Everything is Karate (5.14c/d)—among the hardest granite sport lines in the western United States, located in Pine Creek Canyon near Bishop, California.

The uniqueness of this route—it being an all-natural 5.14+ sport route on granite in California was one of the big reasons I was psyched to get the FA. It’s location, the quality of the rock and the movement, the obviousness of the line and the sustained difficulty all coincided to make it one of the best hard routes I’ve ever done.

YEESSSSSSSS!!! SENT!!!! MANAGED!!!! “Everything is Karate” 14c/d. Felt really focused today and zeroed in on the most subtle details for the send. SO PSYHCED!!! I can’t emphasize enough how sick this line is! An all natural overhanging 14+ on granite. How many lines like that can you think outside of Norway or Austria? If you “have the level” you gotta get on it next time you’re in bishop. #SRSLY!!! Thanks so much for coming out @threepeakfilms and @andrewjmpetersen, psyched you got the footy! Thanks for the catch @briantreitler. And a million thanks to Patrick O’Donnell for bolting this rig and opening it up! Three days on it during December 2015 and five more this year. Ugh! #MANAGED #SENTDUDES #SURRENDERED #FOCUSED #txtmebackpeter #dontleavemeonread #launchingthebroner #burdenofseams #itsacelebrotionbitchez

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This route also recently saw a second ascent by Chris Sharma.

Just finished a great week back in one of my old stomping grounds, Bishop CA. Although it was a bit too hot we made the most of it and climbed in the early morning and in the evenings. I was really curious to try out the new route climbed by @ethan_pringle and bolted by @patrick_b_odonnell called “Everything is Karate” 5.14c/d As you can see it’s a very stunning granite sport climb, which is something you rarely come across. However what made the whole experience extra special was that as a teenager I lived ten minutes away at the entrance of Pine Creek Canyon with @brettlowell and @adamclimbs back in the day. It was really neat to come back to a place where you thought you’ve seen it all and suddenly see everything in a new way from a new perspective. The route itself is quite stiff and especially with the heat I wasn’t sure if I would be able to send in the week we had. And then while working the moves I had a freak accident when it slipped from an undercling and sliced my chin on one of the bolts. So there was definitely some blood and sweat but thankfully no tears ? ?. We rallied on our last morning at 7:30 am and I was able to climb the second ascent of this perfect line. A special way to end this great trip back here in my homeland. Also really cool after years of the opposite, to repeat one of my buddy @ethan_pringle new FA’s. Congrats man on such an epic line. Big hugs and lots of love to all my friends who have made this trip so special for my family and I. ??? @yobasecamp @sterling_keene @prideofgypsies @sayheyjk @pam_theo @arnouldtkint @yobasecamp @lmurdoch @gritstonegorilla @gtraversi @giancolafoto @tommycaldwell @deanfidelman @bethrodden @giancolafoto @wesshih @celycell81 @jessebentz @hastalalunaysol @mikebbeck

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