Fiending for some adventure inspiration? Look no further. The outdoor film streaming service, Slipstream, has arrived to fill your hunger for the wild.

With over 300 handpicked films from over 70 countries by creators like Patagonia and The North Face, and curators including climbers Brendan Leonard and Hazel Findlay, you can think of Slipstream as the Netflix for the outdoors. Slipstream focuses on story-driven, narrative films that encourage us to get out and discover the world around us.

Films are categorized by interest, including surfing, snow sports, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, running, environmental documentaries, and festival winners. As a subscriber, you can watch an ever-growing list of curated outdoor films directly on your phone, tablet, PC, and AppleTV.

slipstream carousel

We’re constantly inspired by these films but realized there wasn’t anywhere to find them all on one place, so we designed a place where filmmakers can reach new audiences,

says Slipstream co-founder Keegan McColl.

Get 5 free weeks of Slipstream

Stoked to check out the films and try Slipstream out?

Right now, the founders of Slipstream are offering five free weeks of this adventure-packed service to the first 50 Moja Gear readers who sign up.

Simply use the code: MOJAXSLIPSTREAM to redeem.

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