Mad Rock Duo Pad

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Any committed boulderer has likely felt the struggle … wanting to bring a few extra pads to create a safer landing, but not having enough people to haul the extra foam out there.

The usual solution tends to be to either settle for low ball boulders with flat landings (which can be far and few between) or to jerry-rig a clunky composition of straps and/or ropes to hold multiple pads together …

Fortunately, this common bouldering crux can come to an end. There’s now a far more comfortable and simple solution for your multiple pad carrying needs.

Meet Mad Rock’s brand new Duo Pad: a hybrid crash pad and premium carrier built with durability, versatility, and your everyday bouldering needs in mind.

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Key features of the Duo Pad

1. Built-in carrier flap

The built-in carrier flap of the all-new Duo Pad enables you to easily carry an extra pad behind it—or, when not hauling an additional pad, it serves as a protective flap.

Mad Rock Duo Pad

2. Robust suspension system

To ensure durability and comfort while being used for its hauling maneuvers, Mad Rock constructed the Duo Pad with a robust, adjustable suspension system, made of soft-molded EVA.

It also features a waist belt strap to keep the weight of the pads better distributed on your body when you’re romping up talus fields, meandering through dense forests, or making dicey river crossings.

Mad Rock Duo Pad back view
Mad Rock Duo Pad close up

3. Additional design enhancements

This pad also equips you with a few special features to delight your bouldering adventures, including a welcome mat, water bottle holder, load lifters, as well as an excess strap pouch on top for bringing extra gear along for the ride.

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 28” x 42” x 10″ closed, 56” x 42” x 5” open
  • Foam density: Same as the favorite, Mad Pad; a plush five-inch thick combination of open and closed cell foam, featuring a 1-3-1 construction: 1″ closed, 3″ open, 1″ closed.
  • Weight: 17lbs
  • Release date: October 2017
  • MSRP: $239

To understand how this compares to other Mad Rock models, view the chart below:

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