Do you know Hobo Greg?

A self-proclaimed “hitchhiking mad man” who’s been residing amidst the rocks of Joshua Tree’s Hidden Valley Campground for over 4 months, Hobo Greg is a true American dirtbag climber with a wealth of wisdom and love to share.

It’s the community that brings me here … This is one of the only places that has this collection of dirtbags that comes together … it’s full of love and hospitality and adventure and fun.

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Leaving his career as a freelance photographer in the East Coast several years ago, Hobo Greg “slowly started marching down the road of the dirtbag,” and has been on the road climbing and sharing his stoke with new acquaintances ever since.

It’s interesting to have the freedom to do anything I want to do, and not really know what I want to do.

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Truly embracing the life of a genuine “hobo,” Hobo Greg has found creative ways along the way to make his travels and passions possible—including working gigs that span everything from poop-scooping at a petting zoo to dancing in a Subway sandwich suit.

You can fund the stoke in all different kinds of ways.

In this intimate chat between Hobo Greg, Georgie Abel, and Luke Mehall of The Climbing Zine, which took place on a crash pad with a few beers under a setting sun—you’ll hear wild and worthwhile anecdotes from Hobo Greg’s journey to dirtbagdom, as well as more than a few gems of sage wisdom you won’t want to miss.

At the end of the day the rock just gives us permission to climb that day. We’re not conquering anything exterior. We’re conquering what’s inside of ourselves.

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To follow Hobo Greg and his hitchhiking adventures, check out his blog and follow him on Instagram.

Additional contributions to this piece have been made by: Luke Mehall and Natalie Siddique.

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