kul chocolate

You see them at every crag: rabidly hungry climbers devouring energy bars.

But as you well know, this staple food of our cragging diet comes in a seemingly endless stream of shapes, sizes, flavors, and nutrition levels. And while there’s no doubt about the beloved bars’ function as a potent and convenient source of energy—sometimes it’s time to try something new.

That’ why we’re stoked to tell you about K’ul Chocolate superfood and energy bars. You heard right, chocolate bars; ones that offer a drastically different alternative that will keep you focused, and your climbing endurance high for a full day outside.

And let’s be honest—climber or not—it really should’t be too hard to convince you to give anything with chocolate a try …


A look at K’ul and what makes them, well, pretty cool

99675955578272.iI4wkkRVmvMJTEsqp2K3_height640K’ul (pronounced cool), comes from the Mayan word for energy, which is what they offer with their unique and tasty chocolate bars.

But don’t be deceived: these aren’t your average energy bars that look like a questionable chunk of ingredients. K’ul focuses on taking the superfood qualities of dark chocolate and further enhancing them with natural ingredients, (like peanuts, pumpkin seeds, guarana, and maca)— to give you a powerful crag snack with energy-boosting nutritional benefits that tastes incredibly delicious, too.

kul chocolate

Chocolate is not candy. Chocolate is food.

is the notion they proudly stand by. Not only does K’ul create a healthy take on the chocolate bar, but they’re also meticulous about the cocoa beans they select—traveling directly to farms across the world to find the best quality beans to roast, winnow, and grind, and also importing them directly from the very farmers who grow and harvest them.

In other words, K’ul offers genuine farm-to-bar chocolate—chocolate that you can feel good about noshing before and after your latest and greatest send.


The tasty K’ul Chocolate energy bar offerings

K'ul Chocolate Bars

K’ul currently offers a number of different 70% cocoa chocolate bar styles and flavors, bound to suit at least one, (if not all) of your taste preferences.

Their Superfood Bars include: Peanuts & Currants, Maca & Fruit, and Endurance Bar (combined with cranberries, pumpkin seeds, protein, and guarana to give you a natural boost of endurance you need on long climbing days). They also craft a variety of Artisan Bars, including the Saltsation, which incorporates natural sea salt to help regulate blood sugar content, and improve mood, heart and muscle health.

All are well worth a taste … as if you weren’t drooling already.