Cedar Wright recently wrote the article, The Wright Stuff: Dirtbagging Is Dead, arguing that

Climbing has a dying breed in its ranks, a breed upon which the very foundation of our sport was built: the dirtbag.

dirtbag image

The team at Moja Gear sees it a bit differently. We think that there hasn’t necessarily been an extinction of the dirtbag, but rather an evolution—one that accounts for the existence of iPhones and a societal standard of obtaining some form of a degree. We believe the spirit of the dirtbag exists in all climbers.

While many of us desire to live the full-fledged dirtbag lifestyle, we’ve learned to assimilate the elements throughout our everyday lives, which unfortunately, don’t always include the backdrop of the Sierras. Nevertheless, the weeks or months that we can dedicate to dirtbaggery are that much more special, memorable, and influential.


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Despite the modern evolution of the dirtbag, the authentic lifestyle of the past still thrives. Check out the story of James Lucas, one of these enduring dirtbags of the climbing world.