Buy the best climbing gear, simply

Rock climbing gear is complex, but buying it shouldn’t be. Moja Gear’s gear guides aim to simplify the buying process by sharing a heavily curated selection of the best products. Our recommendations are unbiased, based on personal experience and community reputation. We aim to update buying guides at least semi-annually and purchases made from them support our free content.

This Week’s Top Climbing Sales

Updated regularly, we showcase our favorite gear that’s now on sale. Beware, offers are subject to expire at any time!

Best Climbing Shoes

A buying guide to the best rock climbing shoes for bouldering, indoor climbing, sport, and trad.

Best Climbing Ropes

Use this buying guide to understand how climbing ropes are classified and to help in the rope-buying process.

Best Gifts for Climbers

Get gift ideas and recommendations for the climber(s) in your life.

Best Books for Climbers

Novices and experts alike will find inspiration, technical advice, and adventure on this list of our favorite climbing books.

Best Climbing Harnesses

Whether you’re looking for value, performance, or comfort, our harness buying guide will help you find the perfect fit.

Best Climbing Packs

We’ve outlined the top packs for sport, trad, and alpine climbers alike.

Best Climbing Crash Pads

Boulderers: we’ve got you covered with our favorite crash pads, based on value, customization, and size.

Best Climbing Cams and Nuts

Get our top picks on the best rock climbing cams and nuts for your trad climbing arsenal.

Best Nut Tools for Trad Climbing

Purchasing a nut tool may sound simple, but there are a lot of options to consider. Get the full rundown here.

Best Climbing Carabiners

Between lockers, auto-lockers, and non-lockers, we’ve picked out our favorites.

Best Climbing Belay Devices

Learn about belay devices and find our favorites in this compact buying guide.

Best Training Recovery Tools for Climbers

Use these tools to help accelerate your post-climbing recovery process.

Best Gear for Beginner Rock Climbers

Our top entry-level picks across all categories based on safety, performance, and value.

Sport Climbing Essentials

The best sport climbing gear from the industry’s top brands.

Best Approach Shoes

The top kicks to get you from car to crag.

How to Build a Trad Rack

Our top recommendations, outlining everything you need to get your trad on.

Best of Patagonia: Fall and Winter

Find the best jackets, packs, pants, and more in our simple guide to our favorite Patagonia products.

Van Life: Gear for Dirtbagging on the Road

Picks of the best gear for living on the road.

Gifts for the Hipster Outdoor Adventurer

Here’s what to get that picky breed.